"Alternative fuels are expensive"

  • 58% of respondents state costs as the most significant barrier to adoption
  • 46% recognise alternative fuels could deliver cost savings

It’s true that alternative fuels cost slightly more than conventional diesel. However, as demand and supply increases, the price difference will start to decrease. They are also much cheaper to implement than other solutions that require investment in new infrastructure or vehicles.

Certas Energy’s nationwide distribution network supports the delivery of Shell GTL Fuel across the country, with the capacity to supply up to 25 million litres of this cleaner burning alternative to diesel. 

Find out more about our national distribution network here

Interested in alternative fuels?

Certas Energy’s The Alternative Guide to Navigating the New Energy Mix was created to help construction, transport and public sector organisations navigate the alternative fuels landscape and separate fuel fact from fuel fiction. Download the full guide and discover the case for a liquid fuels future.