"Adopting alternative fuels would disrupt my business"

  • 53% of businesses recognise potential disruption as one their most significant barriers to adoption
  • 48% would be use alternative fuels if there was a low implementation impact

Drop-in diesel alternatives, such as Shell GTL Fuel, can be used without any modifications to vehicles or engines and do not require investment in additional infrastructure.

Leading supplier to the food service sector, Brakes UK introduced Shell GTL Fuel to their Premier Park operation in Park Royal, London, in a bid to cut vehicle emissions across the capital. Crucially for Brakes, the introduction of Shell GTL Fuel required no vehicle modifications or changes to service intervals

Commenting on the introduction of Shell GTL Fuel to their fleet of DAF vehicles, Steve Webster, Brakes’ Head of Indirect Goods and Services Procurement commented:

“The trial of Shell GTL Fuel at our Park Royal depot has been running really well. The feedback from the drivers has been overwhelmingly positive – the vehicles are running more quietly and we’ve seen a substantial reduction in the need to clean the particulate filters. We have not waited for future technology either as there is no requirement to convert the vehicle. Shell GTL Fuel is available to use straight away in all diesel engines,” added Webster, “although operators may wish to confirm with their dealer that the fuel is approved for their vehicle warranty.” 

Discover how Brakes UK achieved a NOx reduction of 47% with its Shell GTL Fuel powered Euro VI DAF fleet after intensive nine-month trial here

Interested in alternative fuels?

The Alternative Guide to Navigating the New Energy Mix was created to help construction, transport and public sector organisations discover the benefits of alternative fuels and separate fuel fact from fuel fiction. Explore the case for a liquid fuels future.