"Electric is the most environmentally friendly energy alternative"

  • 33% are unsure if alternative fuels can reduce total cost of ownership. But GTL’s inherently cleaner burning composition has many in-use performance and cost benefits. Specifically, the technology could address the construction sector’s top two priorities after reduced emissions: odour (47%) and less noise (40%). 

    In addition to improving cold start performance, alternative fuels like Shell GTL Fuel can reduce odours, noise and improve safety for users. Shell GTL Fuel offers a number of performance benefits in addition to emissions reduction.

    It has extremely low (almost zero) levels of unsaturated molecules that are present in conventional fuels such as aromatics, poly-aromatics and olefins. This can significantly elongate the regeneration cycle of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) – in some cases by up to 70%. The fuel is also much lower in its content of polar compounds – eg sulphur and nitrogen containing species. As a result of these unique properties, Shell GTL Fuel has a higher cetane number, lower density and colourless and odourless characteristics.

    By virtue of this high cetane number and good cold flow properties, Shell GTL Fuel has better starting performance in cold conditions than conventional diesel. 

    The fuel’s more uniform combustion can also help to cut engine noise with reductions of between 3-5dB reported by some customers.

    Owner and operator of Sandwich Riverboat Tours, Captain Colin Carr experienced these performance benefits first-hand when he switched his tugboat to run on Shell GTL Fuel.

    Find out how Shell GTL Fuel helped lower emissions on the Kent Waterways and improve performance on ‘The Sandwich Tug’ here

Interested in alternative fuels?

The Alternative Guide to Navigating the New Energy Mix was created to help construction, transport and public sector organisations discover the benefits of alternative fuels and separate fuel fact from fuel fiction. Explore the case for a liquid fuels future.