The ControlMAX solution has been designed to give customers total control of their fleets. The solution utilises bespoke and intelligent online software and gives fleet managers the ability to control and receive alerts in relation to the fuel usage of their vehicles and drivers in real time.

ControlMAX allows fleet managers to control precisely where, when and how much fuel drivers can draw, increasing their ability to manage fuel costs more effectively and efficiently. Fleet managers can also now create a bespoke set of rules for their fleets, which can then be applied to their account or individual cards, in real time. If the set rules are compromised at any time, managers will receive live alerts. The ControlMAX solution also allows fleet managers to define the rules that dictate whether a transaction will be approved or declined.

Rules available include maximum transaction values, maximum fuel spends in a day or week and a ceiling on the number of transactions per day/week. Managers can also control the number of sites a driver can use each day and the day of the week and the times they are allowed to fill up, allowing managers to streamline efficiencies and improve and hone driver behaviour and habits.