The range includes: 

Anti-bug kill/protect 
Features and Benefits:
— Controls microbiological contamination
— Inhibits sludge and slime build up
— Reducing plugging of filters, burners, injectors and gauges
— Protects against tank and pip corrosion

Works by:
— Fuel soluble: attacks bugs via the fuel
— Reducing sludge/slime to constituent parts (tiny volume)
— Does not leave residue

Diesel power restorer 
A specially formulated fuel additive designed to break down and disperse hard lacquers and internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) to bring fuel flow and engine power back to optimum levels quickly.

— Power output has dropped
— Power surges
— Engine misfires at idle
— Engine management light is illuminated

— Problems resolved with minimal downtime
— Instantaneous results with a single dose
— Potential fuel economy benefit
— 250ml treats 100 litres

Fuel store plus
Has been specially formulated to protect fuels and fuel systems where fuel is stored for long periods of time and/or the associated equipment is used only infrequently. The product acts to delay the symptoms of fuel ageing and additionally has anti-corrosion and biocidal properties.

— Keeps fuel fresh up to 2 years
— Reduces deposits and varnishes
— Prevents bugs
– Acts as a corrosion inhibitor
— Fuel is stored for long periods with no turnover
— There is concern over the FAME content
— Seasonal vehicles are left with fuel in the tank
— Classic and enthusiasts vehicles require protection

1 litre treats 4,000 litres of fuel

Our dedicated technical teams ensure that you use only the best-suited products for your equipment – reducing wear and tear and ensuring optimum output and lifespan.