Gulf Aviation and Leeds East Airport have the ‘Makins’ of a good partnership

Gulf Aviation is pleased to announce it has been selected to supply fuel to the recently rebranded Leeds East Airport, near Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, which is the home of Makin Air, the exclusive private aviation service provider.

Nestled between the affluent cities of Leeds and York, and easily accessible from the A1 (M) and M62, Leeds East Airport is located on the former RAF Church Fenton base.  Yorkshire entrepreneur Chris Makin acquired the site in December 2014, with the aim of providing a new location for airlines and flying clubs requiring a base in the north of England.  Makin has long-term investment plans for Leeds East, with a view to developing the Airport into a hub for air travel in the North of England.

On 27 May 2015 Makin Air (owned by Chris Makin) launched its private charter service from Leeds East Airport.  The Airline offers a luxury, stress-free travel alterative to London or other southern cities. The launch event was held in the refurbished hangar at the Airport, supported by Bentley, Ginetta cars and Gulf Aviation with the Gulf Aston Martin Racing Car.

To entice customers to trial this service, Makin Air has invested in a new HondaJet and an executive Agusta helicopter to provide a personalised doorstep-to-destination service. For those seeking that extra bit of indulgence, Makin Air also has use of a Learjet which offers executive trips further afield.  Currently perceived to be a service for the wealthy, Makin Air aims to offer a charter service to London city Airport with prices competing with first class train travel.

Alex Murphy, David Dykes commented, “This is an exciting opportunity for us to be involved with this venture from the offset.  Chris Makin has big plans for his Makin Air service and the Airport itself.   With a luxury business offering such as the service from Makin Air, the airline needs to be supported by a fuel supplier able to provide a bespoke, flexible service, which is why they selected Gulf Aviation.”

Gulf Aviation supplies the 450 acre, two-runway, site with Jet A1 fuel via two on-site refuelling vehicles.  In future, Gulf will also supply Avgas

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