Top tips for your farm operations this winter

When the temperature drops, farms across the country must face the challenges that winter can bring. We’ve put together some of our top tips to keep your farm operations running smoothly into the winter months, the right way.

1. Choose the right heating oil

Choosing industrial heating oils that can be stored for longer periods of time and in varying temperatures is important for making sure your farm runs smoothly this winter. This time of year is perfect for re-evaluating the fuels you use for your operations, particularly Class A2 gas oil due to the recent legislation changes around gas oil usage, including its use in commercial heating applications.

If you are looking for an alternative to conventional heating gas oil, Therma35 industrial heating oil is an option. It meets BS2869 Class D for heating applications and can be used across a complete range of commercial boilers, dryers and heaters, without compromising on heating output or performance.

2. Don’t run on empty

Any heating, boiling or drying application is an energy intensive process. This means it consumes a high volume of fuel to keep your farm running at its best, especially as the temperature drops. As well as burning more slowly than conventional gas oil, Therma35 industrial heating oil offers a range of added-value benefits. Unlike red diesel, the fuel’s long-term storage stability, winter-grade and zero bio content mean that it can be bought in bulk and stored year-round without risk of spoilage, interruption or waxing. Assure your supply the right way during the colder months by installing tank monitoring systems to track the fuel levels in your tank, which is particularly important given the rise in fuel theft. Telemetry systems can help you to avoid disruption and stay topped up throughout the winter.

3. Plan ahead

Certas Energy is experienced in winter deliveries. Our fleet of over 900 tankers is equipped to keep running in all conditions, helping to keep your farm moving no matter the weather. We are committed to staying ahead of the changing weather, but you can order early to assure your supply. Our drop-in industrial heating oils allow for more flexibility when ordering and significant savings compared with alternatives like Class A2 gas oil.

4. Ask a fuel expert

A reliable supply of red diesel, heating oil and lubricants is essential for any farm. But with prices soaring and demand shifting across the seasons – from the activity boom of harvest to the relative lull of winter preparation – it pays to have a fuel and oil supplier in place that understands your needs.

Our specialist local teams work closely with your farm to provide bespoke solutions that meet your changing requirements over the seasons, with dedicated account managers ready to provide expert advice on how you can keep your farm moving all year round.

With 130 depots and over 900 tankers nationwide, Certas Energy is your partner for delivering a reliable supply to meet all your fuelling needs. We also partner with farming buying groups to provide competitive, reliable service to farms across the country.

Fuel your farm the right way this winter. Contact us today to find out how.

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