Cleaner fuel for cleaner air

With reducing harmful emissions high on the agenda, what are your business plans for the transition to zero? Wherever you are on your journey, reduce your impact today with Shell GTL Fuel, a cleaner-burning diesel alternative, supplied exclusively in the UK by Certas Energy.



GTL means more than just Gas-To-Liquid, it has a whole range of other benefits for businesses, communities and air quality. Discover the benefits of a cleaner fuel for cleaner air. It’s not just better for business – it’s better for everyone.


What is Shell GTL Fuel?

Shell GTL (Gas-To-Liquid) Fuel is a cleaner burning diesel alternative fuel that can be used in both on road and off road vehicles and machinery. Proven to reduce harmful nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions, reduce noise pollution and with winter-grade and biodegradable features, your business can improve its sustainability and environmentally credentials and benefits. After all, it’s good to lower emissions, good to listen, good to last and good to lead the way to a cleaner future.


Where can I get Shell GTL Fuel?

Shell GTL Fuel is supplied exclusively in the UK by Certas Energy. With a fleet of 900 tankers operating from 130 local depots nationwide, together with a growing network of GTL availability at our bunker sites, we’re here to deliver all the benefits of this cleaner burning diesel alternative straight to your business.


Who is fuelling change?

As a tried and tested product with proven benefits, many businesses across multiple sectors including construction, transport, public sector and agriculture are already lowering emissions and improving air quality by using Shell GTL Fuel in their operations and fleets.


Want to offset unavoidable emissions?

The path towards zero CO2 emissions is a core part of many organisations’ environmental and operating strategies. Carbon offsetting helps compensate for the residual emissions that cannot be reduced through other carbon reduction activities, such as promoting energy efficiency or utilising renewables. Shell works with nature based projects around the world to improve livelihoods of local communities, preserve biodiversity and protect wildlife. Talk to the Certas Energy Team to find out how your business can offset carbon emissions with Shell GTL Fuel orders.


The Future of Liquid
Fuels Report

The Energy Reality Series from Certas Energy aims to help UK businesses understand today’s new and evolving alternative energy mix. Join us as we explore cleaner-burning diesel alternatives available now, assess the most promising innovations in the alternative fuels pipeline and outline how evolving fuel supply and management solutions can keep businesses moving along a robust transformation path for a more promising future – for everyone.

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