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Keeping your drivers, cargo and trucks safe might feel like an impossible task, but we’re on hand to help. With a complete fuel card offering, including secure bunker sites, products and safety tips, we can help keep your business safe year-round. We care, because you do too.

Keep your fleet moving with an assured, competitive DERV supply from Certas Energy.

About DERV

DERV is a type of fuel that is used in on-road vehicles to keep fleets moving. DERV stands for Diesel Engine Road Vehicle, but the fuel is also known as white diesel or road diesel. DERV is most commonly used to power transport and passenger vehicles that have diesel engines, such as trains, lorries, vans and boats.

Certas Energy is a leading UK fuel supplier with over 40 years of industry experience supplying high-quality DERV fuel to businesses. We’ve delivered over a million litres of bulk DERV fuel to customers nationwide, so you can count on us to deliver your fuel on time and in full. Speak to a member of our local team today or make an online enquiry through the buttons below.


  • 130 local depots across the UK
  • 900 tankers delivering diesel nationwide
  • Quality product from reputable refineries
  • Flexible payment options and credit terms
  • Competitive diesel (DERV) pricing
  • Excellent customer service
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If you have any questions about DERV or want to get a price based on your requirements, contact our fuel team today.

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Diesel Defender​

Diesel Defender is a liquid anti-theft marker dye for UK non-rebated fuel, also known as white diesel, road diesel or DERV. The liquid blue dye colours white diesel to produce a green fuel and acts as a powerful deterrent to thieves.

It can be used in a wide range of applications, including construction equipment, cooling or heating units in road and rail transport, airport vehicles, forklift trucks, electricity generation and heating for commercial premises.


What is DERV?

DERV (Diesel Engine Road Vehicle) is a liquid fuel product that is used to power road vehicles. The fuel is also known as white diesel or road diesel and can technically be used in any diesel-powered engine, but is more commonly used in lorries, HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles), LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles), vans, trains, buses and coaches. DERV is typically used in businesses with vehicle fleets who need to transport passengers and goods over both long and short distances.

Unlike other industry fuels that are rebated to help with business costs, government duty tax applies to DERV fuel.


What other names is DERV known by?

DERV has a variety of names, including:

  • Diesel
  • Road diesel
  • Road DERV
  • White diesel
  • Ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD)

All of the above fuels are the same, but DERV is the more formal name for the fuel.


Onboard telematics

Onboard telematics solution that uses GPS technology combined
with onboard diagnostics to record information about a vehicle’s
movements, providing full visibility of fleet vehicles​.


Where can I buy DERV from?

Bulk DERV orders can be made with reputable fuel suppliers. Enquiries can usually be made easily online or over the phone.

As the UK’s largest fuel distributor with 900 tankers delivering nationwide every day, you can rely on Certas Energy for your DERV fuel supply. We’ve been reliably supplying millions of litres of fuel to customers across the UK for many years, thanks to our strong infrastructure of selectively located depots. Our network allows us to provide quality DERV diesel, at competitive prices, with reliable service all year round. Call 0345 600 4040 to speak to your local team or request a quote online.


How much is DERV?

The price of DERV changes daily due to influences from the global oil market, so it’s impossible to publish fixed DERV prices online. The quantity and location of the customer can also have an impact on DERV prices, so it’s best to request a quote from a reputable supplier to check what the current price of DERV is.

Certas Energy is proud to be a leading UK DERV supplier and we strive to offer our customers a great DERV price. As bulk DERV suppliers, our infrastructure, network and buying power enables us to provide a competitive, reliable service to cater to our customers’ needs. Call us today on 0345 600 4040 or request a quote online.


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