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Fuel cards from Certas Energy

Download our Fuel Card Guide to discover how a Certas Energy fuel card can give you added payment security, lower prices at the pumps and discounts on hundreds of well-known brands.

Download our Fuel Card Guide to discover how a Certas
Energy fuel card can give you added payment security,
lower fuel prices at the pumps, access to thousands of service stations and fuel card offers from hundreds of well-known brands.

Certas Energy Fuel Cards for your business

When you’re running a business that relies heavily on fuel, staying on top of expenditure and consumption is the key to success. As the UK’s leading fuel distributor, Certas Energy has its own fleet to keep on the move, so we understand the demands on fleet managers when it comes to keeping fuel costs down and vehicles moving. We have designed our Certas Energy Fuel Card as an ideal solution to help fleet managers oversee fleet fuel spend and ensure consistent access to high-quality fuel that maximises output and efficiency.

Why sign-up to a Certas Energy fuel card?

Fuel cards make it easier for you to manage your fleet, as drivers can pay for fuel using a company issued fuel card instead of having to deal with company credit cards or lengthy expenses processes.

The Certas Energy fuel card is accepted at up to 3,000 refuelling sites across the UK, including all main motorway refuelling locations, as well as a large number of supermarkets.

Whether you’ve already got a fuel card, or if you’re looking for the first time, Certas Energy provides the ideal fuel management solution for your business.

What is a fuel card?

A fuel card is an alternative payment method that allows drivers and businesses to efficiently manage transportation costs.

Managing company credit cards or a lengthy expenses process can be time-consuming for everyone involved. Certas Energy takes care of this with weekly fuel card invoices sent to fleet managers, meaning all drivers need to do is present their fuel card to fill up and be back out on the road.

Certas Energy Fuel Cards are accepted at over 3,700 fuel sites across the UK and come with access to additional benefits and card options, such as onboard telematics using GPS technology and onboard diagnostics that record information about a vehicle’s movements. This allows for full visibility on all vehicles, helping fleet managers keep track of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maintain cost savings, without sacrificing productivity.

How to use a fuel card?

Drivers pay for fuel using a company-issued fuel card charged directly to the company. Each driver is given their own fuel card with unique identifiers so that fuel usage can be traced back to each individual driver and purchase.


A to Z guide to fuelling your fleet

The transports and logistics sector is a mile a minute industry – but with the right products, you can reduce unplanned downtime and keep your vehicles running smoothly and efficiently all year round.

Our ‘A to Z guide to fuelling your fleet’ explores everything you need to keep driving your fleet forward all year round.

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Why sign up to a Certas Energy fuel card?

A Certas Energy Fuel Card comes with a host of benefits, including:

  • High-quality fuel, guaranteed, always.
  • Over 3,700 refuelling sites nationwide
  • Real-time analytics on fuel usage
  • Discounted pricing at Certas Energy-owned refuelling sites
  • Personalised advice from Certas Energy’s technical and regulatory experts
  • Accredited quality management systems you can trust
  • Driver benefits, including rewards and customer loyalty scheme

Are fuel cards worth it?

Fuel accounts for up to 35% of fleet operating costs, so optimal fuel management is key to realising savings and balancing profitability. Fuel cards offer a convenient and smart solution, helping fleet managers enhance fuel optimisation, streamline operations and bolster fuel costs transparency.


How do businesses get a fuel card?

It couldn’t be easier. Simply get in touch with a member of the team and start saving, today.


Fleet management with Certas Energy fuel cards

As fuel is one of the highest operating costs for businesses reliant on transport solutions, it’s important to make the most out of every drop by minimising fuel costs  and maximising overall output. Alongside Certas Energy Fuel Cards, fleet managers can also access additional features with FuelTrace, including an industry-leading onboard telematics system that tracks vehicle data and fuel usage.

How does it work? GPS technology operates in parallel to onboard diagnostics to monitor a vehicle’s movements. This means drivers can concentrate on what they do best, and fleet managers and business owners can see exactly how much mileage their vehicles are getting from their fuel. These insights provide security and reassurance, combined with a stress-free, convenient and cost-effective fuel management system.


Fuel for wherever you are

There are over 3,700 fuel sites available to Certas Energy Fuel Card customers across the whole of the UK. Whether your business is local, national or international, we can support you on your journey. We also offer 29 dedicated HGV bunker refuelling sites with high-speed pumps, providing access for multiple vehicles at once. And our extensive UK fuel card locations make it easy for drivers to top up while transparently managing their fuel costs.

Our refuelling sites are suitable for a range of commercial vehicles and offer diesel and AdBlue® – alongside renewable diesel Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) at selected locations. Our dedicated high-speed refuelling sites, situated in convenient locations across Scotland, Wales, the Midlands, and the South and the North of England, also feature 24-hour CCTV for added peace of mind.


Fuel card savings

Certas Energy offers our fuel card customers complete visibility over spending and output, so you can make essential fuel-related savings and ensure value for money at the pumps. Our fuel comes with a quality assurance guarantee, meaning you can feel safe in the knowledge that your fleet is getting high quality fuel at a competitive price.

Our unique fuel card identifiers make it easy to track individual spend on each card, and even track purchases back to the individual driver. This in-depth audit trail allows businesses to monitor spend across all vehicles and identify areas for improvement. We also offer ‘below the pump’ pricing, so businesses can budget for the period ahead, as well as transparent billing.

HGV Refuelling Bunker Sites

Fuel cards, your way

Certas Energy is the largest distributor of fuel in the UK, delivering over six billion litres of fuel to customers across Britain every year. That’s why we know exactly what matters to the haulage and logistics industry: we’re a part of it, too. Having total control of your fuel supply and fleet spend gives you more time to improve efficiency and keep fuel costs down.

Our fuel cards allow customers to set limits and regulate usage according to their business requirements. You can also limit which fuel sites fuel cards can be used at and be specific about the times your drivers can top up. All Certas Energy Fuel Cards are pin-protected, and any cards that are reported lost or stolen can be instantly blocked. Our dedicated support team will contact you if there is any suspicious behaviour and purchasing restrictions can be placed on each card to reduce the chances of misuse.

Where can I use fuel cards?

Thousands of refuelling sites across the UK accept Certas Energy Fuel Cards, including all main motorway refuelling locations, Certas Energy-owned HGV bunker sites, as well as a large number of supermarkets. Network partners include Keyfuels, UK Fuels, AS24, DKV and Morgan Fuels, supporting cross-acceptance.


The Certas Energy Fuel Cards App

It’s easier than ever to use a Certas Energy Fuel Card with the Certas Energy Fuel Cards app. Drivers can download the app for free via Google Play or the Apple app store. They then have access to refuelling locations, fuel card information and driver loyalty benefits.

The Certas Energy fuel cards app minimises disruption to a driver’s journey and helps them to find the fuel they need exactly when they need it. The app allows users to search for refuelling sites according to their specific requirements, such as fuel sites for HGVs, fuel sites that accept Keyfuels or UK Fuels cards or fuel sites with 24-hour access.

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Your business, your fuel card

We’re the fuel experts you can trust. With long-standing expertise across a range of industries, Certas Energy is here to help your business save money on fuel. We specialise in bringing sector solutions to the agriculture, construction and haulage industries. So whether you need to transport fresh produce, or keep travel expenses low for getting builders on site, signing up for a Certas Energy fuel card provides an ideal solution for keeping overheads down and productivity up. 


Getting emissions from A-Zero

To help businesses across the UK control and cut fleet emissions, Certas Energy has launched CarbonTrace – an emissions monitoring system that makes it easier for customers to track the carbon footprint of fuel purchased with a Certas Energy Fuel Card.


Certas Energy Extras; a big thank you from us to our fuel cards customers

Certas Energy Extras is free and helps you get offers, discounts and cashback on some of the UK’s favourite brands. As a reward, we’re giving you the opportunity to save money with hundreds of well-known brands and retailers.

Experts in fuelling logistics and haulage​

Here, we delve into some of the most frequently asked questions around Fuel Cards and how they can help your fleet.

Whether you’re looking to make your fleet cleaner or simply want to power your productivity, our specialist teams and dedicated account managers are always here to help.

A fuel card is an alternative payment method that allows drivers and businesses to efficiently manage transportation costs. With the ability to track spend, usage and file expenses, fuel cards provide an easy way for drivers to top up their fuel and provide peace of mind to businesses, no matter how many vehicles they have in their fleet.

Fuel cards are a convenient and smart solution for both fleet managers and drivers. They offer fleet managers fuel spend visibility, helping them to optimise operations and identify opportunities to cut costs, while drivers can top up on fuel more easily and safely thanks to the cashless system and extensive refuelling network.

Instead of dipping into their own pocket or using a company credit card, drivers pay for fuel using a company-issued fuel card which is charged to the company. Each driver is given their own fuel card with unique identifiers so that fuel usage can be traced back to each individual driver and purchase.

There are over 3,600 refuelling sites across the UK that accept Certas Energy fuel cards. This includes all main motorway refuelling locations, as well as a large number of supermarkets for convenient fuel top-ups. Certas Energy also offers their own HGV refuelling sites located throughout the country, featuring high-speed pumps that fill 120 litres of fuel per minute and provide space for multiple vehicles to fill up at once. Find out more about our refuelling sites and discover how they can help your business to keep moving. 

Fuel cards eliminate the need for cash or card and are a stress-free way for drivers to pay for fuel and for businesses to manage their fuel usage. Unlike cash or credit cards, fuel cards can only be used on specific fuel expenses, so they help to alleviate the risk of fraud or misuse.

Fuel cards are not only convenient for both the employer and employee, but they also allow businesses to make the most of fixed prices and deals, which helps to keep costs down. Fuel cards also help save time and improve the efficiency of fuel management through track and trace programmes and security measures.

At Certas Energy, our fuel cards offer a range of additional benefits, such as competitive prices, clear audit trails so you can track driver spending and transparent billing with no administration fees.

One of the biggest benefits of fuel cards and a managed fuel programme is the access to discounts and tailored fuel packages based on your business needs. Fuel card customers can benefit from fixed weekly pricing, Platts-linked pricing and discounts on diesel purchases at refuelling bunker sites, all of which can help to bring costs down.

Fuel accounts for up to 35% of fleet operating costs, so it’s essential for transport managers to procure this valuable asset at the best price. At Certas Energy, we’ll work closely with you to create a package that suits your individual needs, giving you competitive and flexible deals. Customers also benefit from Certas Energy Extras, our free loyalty programme that offers discounts and cashback on hundreds of the UK’s favourite brands.

When considering the best fuel card for your fleet, it’s important to consider the level of control, cost and convenience that the fuel card provider can offer you.

At Certas Energy, we’re proud to offer a competitive fuel card that is “not just a card”. Our fuel card scheme enables our customers to reap a range of fantastic benefits, including FuelTrace telematics, lubricants, loyalty rewards, and mileage count reporting. Our 29 HGV bunker refuelling sites are positioned nationwide and have been specially developed to allow ease and speed of filling, so you can keep your fleet moving.

Managing fuel spend is just one way you can save money and maximise your business output. Increasing fuel and vehicle efficiency is another way to make long-term cost savings. Using specialised lubricant products can help prolong the lifespan of your vehicles by optimising engine output. As well as AdBlue® for your Diesel vehicles, Certas Energy Lubricants offers premium lubricant products from major manufacturers proven to improve vehicle performance.

As well as helping fleet managers stay on top of expenditure, fuel cards offer benefits beyond cost savings, including:

  • Discounted pricing at Certas Energy-owned refuelling sites
  • Assured supply of high-quality fuel, guaranteed
  • Clear audit trials, with transparent billing
  • Extensive refuelling network of over 3,400 refuelling sites nationwide, including 30 specialist high-speed HGV bunker sites
  • Added fuel security and fraud prevention
  • Access to Certas Energy’s wider portfolio of products, solutions and services, including lubricants and AdBlue®
  • Access to Certas Energy’s consultancy service to assess fuel usage and identify further cost-saving and sustainability-supporting opportunities, including FuelTrace
  • Personalised advice from Certas Energy’s technical and regulatory experts
  • Driver benefits, including rewards and customer loyalty scheme

You can top up your tank at a Certas Energy refuelling site with diesel, GTL Fuel, HVO (at selected sites) and AdBlue®, using your Certas Energy Fuel Card with

Our high-quality fuels, additives and lubricants are competitively priced, so enhanced productivity goes hand in hand with overall cost savings.

Fleet businesses of any size can benefit from a Certas Energy Fuel Card. Our customer base ranges from one-driver hauliers to businesses with fleets containing hundreds of vehicles. The benefits of having a fuel card are not reserved for larger fleets – every user can access the quality, assured supply, fleet visibility, price benefits, added security and dedicated support that comes with a fuel card. 

We have made the process of setting up a Certas Energy Fuel Card as simple and seamless as possible. All you need to do is complete an application form and with a few credit checks, you can get up and running in no time. To start your fuel card journey, get in touch today.

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