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Fuelling the construction industry

Discover the benefits of working with Certas Energy to keep all your construction projects moving.

Fuelling the construction industry

Discover the benefits of working with Certas Energy to keep all your construction projects moving.

Construction and plant industry fuel providers you can trust

Every construction business deals with unique daily pressures, and the industry as a whole faces more challenges than ever before. At Certas Energy, our construction specialists understand the varying requirements of diverse built environments, and how that affects what our customers are looking for from fuels and lubricants. We help leading construction companies to procure reliable, high-quality fuel solutions that help achieve maximum output and minimum downtime. We also support our customers by sharing responsibility for a cleaner, safer and healthier UK construction industry on the journey towards vision zero safety and net zero emissions.

Certas Energy is committed to providing construction fuels and lubricants that not only improve efficiency and productivity but are also fully compliant with regulations, and even support reducing emissions. Alongside white diesel/DERV, you’ll find a selection of drop-in cleaner fuel alternatives, as well as a range of lubricants and oils with diverse applications. Whether it’s powering trucks, excavators and cranes or heating furnaces and buildings, we can provide your business with the right construction fuels for your needs, delivering them on time and in full. 


Fuel your mind with all the facts

Check out our infographic for details on how duty equalisation will impact the construction sector.

Your expert construction fuel provider

Every construction project relies on getting the most from machinery and equipment. Losing precious time can be costly, as can failing to comply with current legislation. Which is why we offer a range of fuel options and products to make sure your business is ready for anything. We supply construction fuels to developers, engineers and general contractors of all sizes, and distribute products including white diesel/DERV, GTL Fuel (gas-to-liquid) and hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), as well as lubricants and fuel storage tanks. No matter what your business needs, as a long-standing fuel supplier to the construction industry, we know that top quality products at competitive prices make all the difference to your bottom line.

Why choose Certas Energy for your construction fuels?

  • UK’s largest independent fuel supplier
  • 150 local depots
  • 16+ bunker refuelling sites
  • 900 tankers
  • Fuel card network and refuelling sites
  • FORS member
  • OEM approved lubricants

Alternative liquid fuels

As the journey towards  Net Zero Carbon 2050 gathers pace, choosing cleaner-burning fuels has never been more of a priority. Red diesel duty equalisation in April 2022 meant that the construction industry needed to explore alternatives to gas oil across the majority of operations. At Certas Energy, we distribute proven alternative liquid fuels, all uncompromising on quality and efficiency, that help to keep your business on track to set and meet net zero targets. 

Hydro treated vegetable oil (HVO): a drop-in diesel alternative that instantly reduces C02 emissions with no changes required to engines or infrastructure.

GTL Fuel: Gas-to-liquid fuel is an innovative cleaner fuel option that impacts not just air quality but has operational benefits as a FAME-free, winter-grade alternative to diesel.

Therma35: Therma35 industrial heating oil is a drop-in alternative heating solution that requires no equipment modifications. It also burns more slowly than conventional gas oil for added value benefits. 


Remember my name: FAME

Biofuel, FAME and your fuel supply – everything you need to know about industry-wide changes to FAME content in fuel.
Enquire about our handy guide today. 

Gas to liquid fuel

We’re right here with you on the journey to net zero. As the 2050 target becomes a bigger focus for all industries, preparing your construction business for the changes means you’ll be ready for whatever the future holds. Now is the time to explore alternatives, like GTL Fuel. Our gas-to-liquid fuel is not only suitable for commercial applications but is cleaner, quieter and lasts longer. Reducing four main pollutants–Nitrogen oxides (NOx), Particulate matter (PM), Carbon monoxide (CO) and Hydrocarbons (HC)–GTL Fuel is a more planet-friendly choice for construction sites of all sizes. 

OEM approved lubricants

It isn’t just powering your plant and machinery that matters. Certas Energy supplies well-known lubricants approved by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and used throughout the industry. Hydraulic oils, engine oils and greases like AdBlue, Antifreeze and transmission oils can all prolong the life of your equipment, increase efficiency and maintain legislative compliance.

Tanks and fuel storage for the construction industry

On a busy construction site, maintaining fuel levels is a must. Certas Energy can provide safe storage solutions for your construction fuels,  including tanks in various sites to your unique  site or project. Any construction business storing over 200 litres of fuel must adhere to current fuel tank regulations and will need to select the correct tank according to factors such as the type of fuel being stored and whether it will be stored in place or should be transportable. Our friendly team can help you decide which tank is right for you, and you can read more about oil tank regulations in our helpful guide

Fuel cards

When you need your fleet on the road and your budget on track, fuel cards are an ideal way to stay on top of things. The Certas Energy fuel card is accepted at up to 3,000 refuelling sites across the UK, including all main motorway refuelling locations and a large number of supermarkets. A fuel management system can be the perfect solution for minimising risk and saving money whilst making sure your fleets keep moving. 

Diesel defender

Diesel Defender is a liquid anti-theft marker dye for UK non-rebated fuel, also known as white diesel, road diesel or DERV. The liquid blue dye colours white diesel to produce a green fuel and acts as a powerful deterrent to thieves.

It can be used in a wide range of applications, including construction equipment, cooling or heating units in road and rail transport, airport vehicles, forklift trucks, electricity generation and heating for commercial premises.

What to expect


High performance fuels, lubricants, additives, storage solutions and essential accessories combined with efficiency-enhancing services. View our extensive product range


“We have been very impressed with the quality of both the gas oil and AdBlue Certas Energy supplies, at a consistently competitive price.”

Ashley Barlow, Contracts Manager at Rye Demolition

Rye Demolition made savings and increased efficiency by combining their fuel and additive supply when they moved to Certas Energy.

Construction and Plant Fuel FAQs

As a fully rebated fuel, IHO (Industrial Heating Oil) can result in considerable cost savings for many businesses within the construction industry. Therma35 IHO is ideal for use in commercial boilers, heaters, driers and furnaces and, as a drop-in alternative to Class A2 gas oil, it's a no-fuss fuel that can be stored on your construction site all year round. 

There are several alternatives to red diesel, and the right choice will depend on the intended use. For heating buildings, industrial heating oil (IHO) is a fully rebated fuel that offers cost savings and heating efficiency. Alternatively, GTL is a cleaner burning fuel that doesn’t compromise on output. Meanwhile HVO, (hydrotreated vegetable oil) supplied by Certas Energy is made from sustainable sources and is a hassle-free drop-in fuel for engines and machinery. 

Buying all of your construction fuels and lubricants in one place can make project management much easier. Certas Energy can distribute all of your fuel and lubricant products. Some products may be delivered separately, especially when ordering in bulk, but we can provide all of your required construction fuels and lubricants from one place.  

With 130 local depots and 900 tankers, our extensive delivery network ensures that no matter where you are in the country our friendly local drivers will deliver your construction fuels and lubricants on time and in full, all year round.  

Your accredited construction fuels supplier

When it comes to a reliable service our approach to health, safety, fleet operations, efficiency and environmental protection is measured to exacting standards – demonstrating our commitment to measuring, monitoring and improving our performance.
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