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Biodiesel, FAME and your fuel supply
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Everything you need to know about industry-wide changes to FAME content in fuel.

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What is FAME?

FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters) is a renewable biodiesel that is manufactured from sustainable sources. As a biofuel, FAME can help reduce CO2 emissions and has strong hygroscopic properties – meaning it is highly effective at absorbing water. However, this ability to hold water can lead to an increased chance of users encountering fuel contamination issues, which can cause complications in older vehicles, machines and bulk fuel tanks.


Changing regulations

The UK’s RTFO requires all fuel suppliers to increase the volume of renewable content present in the total fuel mix. Currently, 8.5% of total fuel volume must be derived from sustainable and renewable sources; however, the target volume is set to increase to 12.4% by 2032. This will lead to a greater volume of FAME content in UK fuel than ever before.


Preventing FAME-related disruption

To help customers prepare for the potential impact of increased FAME content, Certas Energy has developed a free guide that covers the problems caused by FAME, best practice maintenance and storage guidance, and FAME-free alternatives to gas oil and road diesel.


Shell GTL Fuel

Get a quote for FAME-free alternative fuel Shell Gas-To-Liquid Fuel, a low-emission, cleaner-burning fuel with a longer shelf life than conventional diesel – supplied exclusively by Certas Energy in the UK.

Speak to your dedicated account manager today

Certas Energy is committed to achieving the UK’s RTFO targets while ensuring minimal disruption to customers.
If your business has been affected by the introduction of biofuel targets, speak to your dedicated Certas Energy account manager today on 0345 600 4040 or enquire online below.

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