Fuelling futures, the right way

Wherever you are on your journey to reducing your business' emissions, we can help you do it the right way.


Why reduce your business' emissions?

The way we fuel business is changing, as the UK moves towards net-zero emissions by 2050. And as the UK’s largest fuel provider, Certas Energy is here to help your business make the right changes.

From helping to reduce harmful emissions to making a lasting difference, we’ll guide you every step of the way, from now until 2050. So, we can fuel your business’ future, the right way.


Clean Air Day

Did you know air pollution is currently the largest environmental risk we face? That means there’s all the more reason for us to make a change when it comes to emissions.

Falling on 17th June, Clean Air Day is dedicated to helping us understand the effects of air pollution on our health and the environment, whilst educating us on how we can tackle the problem.


Offset your emissions with us

Alongside reducing your business’ emissions as much as possible, you can compensate for the remaining unavoidable emissions by offsetting them, and reduce your climate impact even more.

Download our free infographic to discover the benefits to your business and the environment, and find out how you can get involved with the help of Certas Energy and Carbon Footprint Ltd.


Fuelling change, together

As Shell GTL Fuel is bio-free, there’s no need for engine modifications in both on-road and off road-engines. Plus, it lowers emissions of particulate matter and nitrogen oxide, and reduces engine noise. So, it’s better for your machines, employees, community and the environment.

Available at selected Certas Energy HGV refuelling sites and across our 130 local depots, it’s a cleaner-burning diesel alternative that can be used in every industry. So, every business can make the right change.


The easy way to reduce fuel emissions

AdBlue is a trusted diesel fuel additive that brings vehicles in line with Euro V and VI emission standards. Added to the SCR tank of diesel cars and heavy vehicles, it converts toxic nitrogen oxide into harmless nitrogen and water vapour, reducing your fuel’s emissions.

Find out more about fuelling your business’ future, the right way.

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