Lubricants from leading manufacturers

Providing customers across all sectors with a market leading portfolio of lubricants, oils and greases - maximising efficiency, boosting performance and reducing downtime to achieve significant total cost of ownership savings.


Keeping your business running smoothly with high performance lubricants

Using the right kind of lubricant is essential to the smooth running of your machinery, vehicles and equipment but faced with various OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) requirements, different oil grades and emissions regulations, choosing the right lubricant can be confusing. With Certas Energy, it doesn’t have to be.

Lubricants from leading manufacturers

We provide our customers with a market leading portfolio of lubricants, oils and greases that help maximise efficiency, boost performance and reduce downtime to achieve total cost of ownership savings.


Supplying lubricants from leading manfacturers

Certas Energy supplies lubricants from leading manufacturers Shell, Castrol, Gulf, Q8Oils and Valvoline. We are Shell’s largest distributor and Gulf’s only distributor in the UK. Our broad products range is designed to meet all your lubricant requirements and with each of our market-leading brands we support our customers to ‘get it right, first time’ with your lubricant selection.


High performance lubricants

Quality counts when it comes to selecting the right lubricants, s which is why we are proud to partner with four leading manufacturer brands, each with continual product innovation through research and development – ensuring our expert advice is backed up by high performance products. We offer the full portfolio from Shell, Castrol, Gulf, Valvoline Q8Oils and Hyperdrive.


Why choose us as your lubricant supplier?

Our ‘right first time’ approach means we go beyond just supplying lubricants to our customers. We are committed to supporting businesses select the right products to meet their needs and achieve real business results.


HyperDrive premium lubricants manufacturer.

Certas Energy’s strategic acquisition of HyperDrive in October 2018 signalled a significant step change as the business expanded into lubrication product manufacturing. HyperDrive is a lubricant blending business that has not only built a reputation for developing a wide range of high-performance, own-brand products, but for blending oils on behalf of many leading global brands.


Working together to keep health and safety a priority

Health and Safety is paramount for us – it is fundamental to our business performance, as well as being integral to our long term commercial success.

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