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Certas Lubricant Solutions provide customers across all sectors with a market leading portfolio of lubricants, oils and greases, alongside an ever-increasing range of lubricant services and solutions.

Lubricant Products & Services Supplier

Certas Lubricant Solutions are the largest independent supplier of branded lubricants throughout the UK. Our customers rely on us for lubricants, oils and greases to maximise efficiency, boost performance and reduce downtime. We supply an extensive portfolio of products covering a wide range of lubricants from industry recognised manufacturers, including Castrol, Shell, Q8Oils, Valvoline and Vickers.

As well as a wide range of products, we are also developing our scope of lubricant services, from Fluid Command, designed to automate metalworking fluid monitoring and maintenance, to RecondOil, a new service to recycle lubricants and improve sustainability and environmental impact.    


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Certas Lubricant Solutions supplies lubricants from leading manufacturers Castrol, Shell, Q8Oils Valvoline and Vickers.

In addition to our well established distribution business, our own brand; HyperDrive supplies quality engine oils and lubricants to distributors and end users.

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High performance lubricant supply

Quality counts when it comes to selecting the right lubricants, which is why we are proud to partner with leading manufacturer brands, each with continual product innovation through research and development – ensuring our expert advice is backed up by high performance products. We offer the full portfolio from Castrol, Shell, Q8Oils, Valvoline, Vickers and Hyperdrive.

  • SHELL: Shell’s position as a market leader is maintained through its world class technological insights. We are proud to be the UKs largest distributor of Shell products.
  • CASTROL: We are the largest supplier of Castrol products in the UK and are proud to be an Ambassador Distributor. With a reputation for innovation, Castrol products are endorsed and co-engineered by world-leading brands like Audi and Volvo. 
  • VALVOLINE: Valvoline remains at the cutting edge of lubricant technology. We are the sole distributor of bulk and packed Valvoline products in the UK and continue to partner with them for their innovation and dependability.
  • Q8OILS: These technology enhanced lubricants have been designed for the industrial and power sectors. As an authorised partner of Q8Oils we are able to offer these premium lubricants, metalworking fluids and greases to industries throughout the UK.
  • VICKERS: This family business was established back in 1828, and has an impressive history, with lubricant formulation and blending beginning in 1850. We are now a UK distributor for Vickers food grade and marine lubricants.
  • HYPERDRIVE: this blending and manufacturing plant produce a range of lubricants for the automotive, construction and agricultural sectors. Owned by Certas, this acquisition increases our breadth of product range and lubricants expertise.

All your lubricant requirements

  • Engine oils
  • Gear and transmission oils
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Cutting and soluble oils and greases
  • AdBlue
  • Antifreeze/coolants
  • Screen wash
  • Fuels
  • Grease
  • Hybrid Oils
  • Environmentally acceptable oils
  • Turbine oils
  • Compressor oils
  • Oil monitoring
  • Rapid oil analysis
  • Industrial oils
  • Rust prevention
  • Slideway oils
  • Gas engine oils
  • Refrigeration oils


A reliable lubricant supplier

Certas Lubricant Solutions have been working with leading global lubricant brands for twenty years. We supply to the industrial and automotive sectors, and every sub-sector that falls under these.  For our customers it is vital that equipment and machinery is well maintained to avoid disruption and loss of output. 

Choosing the right lubricant for the job can maximise efficiency, boost performance and reduce downtime, all of which can help to achieve a significant total cost of ownership saving. and equipment to continue performing well. 


HyperDrive premium lubricants manufacturer

Certas Energy’s strategic acquisition of HyperDrive in October 2018 signalled a significant step change as the business expanded into lubrication product manufacturing. HyperDrive is a lubricant blending business that has not only built a reputation for developing a wide range of high-performance, own-brand products, but for blending oils on behalf of many leading global brands.

Why buy lubricants and services from Certas Lubricant Solutions?

  • Over 150 dedicated employees
  • Nationwide delivery network
  • Logistics provider for leading manufacturers
  • 10 dedicated warehouses
  • 200,000 sq ft warehouse storage
  • Large stock holding of oils and greases
  • 60 million litres of lubricants and AdBlue delivered
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Your lubricants questions answered

Lubricants are a selection of products, including oils and greases, that are added to vehicles and machinery to improve their efficiency. They have a range of purposes, from gear and transmission oils used to reduce wear and tear in gear boxes and prolong the life of heavy and large vehicles, to turbine oils, to improve the efficiency of moving parts within wind turbines and power plants. The right type of lubricant will depend on its intended use and end goal.

Lubricants are used for many industries and for various types of equipment.  If the right lubricant for the job is chosen, then it can enhance the longevity and efficiency of the equipment. Well-maintained commercial vehicles and equipment means maximised opportunities for reliable and continued output, which can lead to improved profits and growth.

We partner with leading manufacturers of commercial lubricants to supply a range of products from premium brands; Shell, Castrol, Valvoline, Q8Oils, Vickers and HyperDrive We also distribute AdBlue in bulk and can deliver all commercial lubricant products including anti-freeze, hydraulic oil and engine oils. More recently, we have added Hybrid and Carbon Neutral ranges to our choice of lubricants. You can contact our expert team who will answer any of your lubricant questions and ensure you get the right product delivered in full and on time.

There are several leading lubricant manufacturers, including Shell, Castrol, Valvoline, Vickers, Q8Oils and HyperDrive. Each of these suppliers lead innovation and manufacture premium lubricants, leading the field in different sectors. At Certas Lubricant Solutions we match manufacturers and products with industries and equipment to maximise results.

As one of the UK's leading lubricant distributors, we can deliver products and solutions across the whole of the UK. Our 200,000 sqft warehouse holds vast quantities of stock, and regional depots across the country mean we can deliver to your business anywhere in the UK. We have a national network and purpose-built vehicles, and apply a ‘right first time’ approach to every order. Certas Energy Lubricants can provide emergency and next day deliveries. No matter your location, business or required quantity, you can rely on Certas Energy Lubricants to deliver. 

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