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Lubricants: The key to peak farm machinery performance

Whether drilling, planting, spraying or harvesting, farmers must be able to rely on machinery to operate at peak performance in all conditions. And at times like harvest, where every moment is critical for maximising yields, even a few hours of downtime can have a massive impact on productivity.

Using the correct lubricants for your machinery protects against wear and tear to help you avoid unplanned downtime and maximise machinery throughput.

Here we explore how the right oils can prevent disruption and improve equipment availability when you need it most.

Come rain or shine

Few machines work harder than those on a farm. Equipment often runs in dusty, dirty, all-weather conditions, working under extremely heavy loads during busy periods such as harvest and land preparation. Given the demand and strain farming machinery is put under, protecting components and keeping equipment operating at its peak poses unique maintenance challenges.

It’s here that lubricants play an important role. As well as providing wear and tear protection, oils and greases help to protect against component corrosion and deposits of dirt and debris in an engine to prevent machinery breakdowns. By improving equipment reliability, lubricants help to maximise time between maintenance windows so you can be confident your machinery is working as hard as you are.

Choosing the right lubricants for your farm machinery

With the increasing pressure to reduce spend and increase productivity, farmers often look to cut lubricant costs, without consideration of the impact this can have on machine performance, maintenance requirements and long-term costs.

However, not all lubricants are created equal. The reduced wear and corrosion protection of lower quality lubricants can cause accelerated degradation of machinery parts, leading to a higher maintenance bill not only from more frequent component replacement, but also more frequent oil changes.

Investing in higher quality oils for engines, axles and transmissions can actually save your farm time and money by giving your machinery better protection for longer. Premium lubricants are blended using the best base oils and the proper additive packages in the correct quantities, which means more uptime, less time spent on repairs and greater savings on spare parts.

58% of farmers acknowledge that their lubrication errors have led to unplanned downtime.

Top tips for lubricant management

Correct lubricant storage and application are key to unlocking maximum performance from your oils and machinery.

As lubricants are precision blends of oils and additives, they must be protected from contamination by water, dust or grit to ensure product efficacy. Lubricants should be stored in secure containers in a sheltered environment, with the top of the containers cleaned before introducing the product to any machinery. If your lubricant has been exposed to any contaminants, using a filter before applying will help to ensure that the oil is clean to protect your machinery.

When it comes to application, maximising wear protection means applying the right amount of lubricant at the right time and frequency. Reducing oil drain intervals while the oil is still fit for purpose is a common lubrication, so being aware of when the lubricant was applied and its key characteristics will help you save time and money.

Combining high performance lubricants with best practice management processes can extend oil drain intervals by up to 160% and reduce hydraulic oil consumption by up to 25%.

More than just fuel

As the UK’s largest fuel and lubricants supplier, Certas Energy offers reliable, nationwide deliveries of OEM-approved oils and greases from some of the world’s leading brands.

Keep your farm machinery running smoothly all year round with OEM-approved lubricants from Certas Energy.

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