Fuelling UK farms and agriculture, all year round
Fuelling UK farms and agriculture, all year round

Reliable, local supplier for red diesel, lubricants,
AdBlue, tanks and more...

Fuelling UK farms and agriculture, all year round
Fuelling UK farms and agriculture, all year round

Reliable, local supplier for red diesel, lubricants,
AdBlue, tanks and more...

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Your reliable farm fuel and lubricant supplier

Life on the farm never slows down, which is why you need a reliable farm fuel supplier who can keep up with the year-round demands placed on the agriculture industry. The right combination of agricultural fuels and lubricants can not only power your machinery, but can even help to increase the lifespan of your equipment–so your farm keeps moving, rain or shine.

Certas Energy’s tractor diesel fuels farms throughout the UK. Our white diesel and red diesel have also been mainstays of the farming industry for decades, powering a huge variety of vehicles, machinery and equipment.


The A-Z guide to fuelling your farm

Everything you need to think about to keep your farm fuelled up.

Fuels for every farm

For heating applications like grain dryers and boilers, Certas Energy supplies Therma35 industrial heating oil and kerosene fuels in high volumes for greater efficiency and cost savings.

We are also committed to fuelling a cleaner future for UK farms, providing a variety of options in response to the growing interest in cleaner fuel alternatives.  These include Shell Gas to Liquid (GTL) Fuel and Certas Energy Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO).

Not to mention, we offer a wide selection of high-quality additives and lubricants that can help your farm machinery last longer, work harder and increase output. Whatever you need to fuel your farm, our team of experts are here to help at every stage, from choosing the right product and ordering, right through to delivery and payment.

Why choose Certas Energy for your agricultural fuels?

  • 150 local depots
  • 16+ bunker refuelling sites
  • 900 tankers
  • Extensive product selection
  • Decades of reliable deliveries
  • Local expertise, nationwide support
  • Competitive pricing

Fuelling your farm, together

Agriculture helps to keep the world turning,  so we know how important it is to provide reliable access to all the farm fuels and agricultural lubricants you need, and to deliver them on time and in full. Whether that’s white diesel or red diesel for your tractors, mowers and sprayers, or kerosene to heat your farmhouse, we can provide responsive deliveries in small or large quantities.

Alongside traditional farm fuels, our cleaner-burning drop-in FAME-free fuel, GTL Fuel, is helping farmers to avoid the potential risks of high FAME content in fuel, thereby reducing machinery downtime while also lowering local emissions—without compromising on productivity.

Certas Energy is also a trusted supplier of AdBlue, the diesel fuel additive that helps to reduce the fuel emissions created by your vehicles, and therefore helps to them fully compliant with current legislation.

Tractor diesel, heating oil and more

When running a busy farm, we understand your fuel supply is just one of many things to manage. With decades of fuel supply expertise, Certas Energy has helped working farms manage their agricultural fuels and oils efficiently, season after season.

Having the right fuel for your farm, right where you need it, makes all the difference – as do reliable and responsive delivery times. Certas Energy distributes only the highest quality farm fuels and lubricants, from red diesel and DERV to industrial heating oil and AdBlue.

Alongside our extensive product offering, our delivery network includes 900 tankers and 130 depots; so we never have to compromise on getting your fuel to you. We know that fuelling a farm is about more than just oil, and with our teams of experts on hand, friendly local delivery drivers and competitive pricing, Certas Energy delivers a full service to each and every farm we supply.

Taking care of your tank

When dealing with the everyday challenges of life on the farm, it’s important to avoid potential disruption by being well prepared, for example by maintaining your fuel tanks. At Certas Energy, we offer a complete range of commercial fuel tanks, all of which are fully compliant with current safety standards.

Once you’ve found the right tank and we’ve got it up and running, it pays to keep it well-maintained, and to check regularly for any damage or leaks that could result in costly clean ups. Certas Energy’s FuelWise tank telemetry system makes it easy, helping farmers to fight fuel theft by providing complete visibility of fuel levels, including sudden drop alerts sent straight to your mobile.  

Not only does Certas Energy supply high quality fuel tanks and on-time fuel deliveries, but we also offer flexible payment plans to make running a business even easier. And we’re on hand whenever you need us with expert advice on caring for your tank and what changes in regulations mean for your farm. Read our guide to oil tank regulations for an essential overview of what you can do to keep your tank compliant. 


Remember my name: FAME

Biofuel, FAME and your fuel supply – everything you need to know about industry-wide changes to FAME content in fuel.
Read our guide.

Tractor diesel

So called because of its use as fuel for tractors and other farm machinery, tractor diesel, or red diesel, has been integral to the agricultural industry.

With an increasing drive towards cleaner fuel sources, FAME, (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters) content has been introduced to tractor diesel to reduce the CO2 emissions it generates. Made from sustainable sources, FAME is a renewable biofuel.

Due to its ability to absorb water, fuel containing FAME can encounter contamination issues. This leaves farmers with the challenge of adhering to environmental legislation without risking disruption caused by FAME products.

Certas Energy increasingly supplies GTL Fuel to UK farms, as a cleaner-burning, FAME-free fuel solution: this convenient drop-in alternative to diesel not only lowers harmful local emissions of NOx and particulate matter, but also has a longer shelf life. Many businesses are making the transition to GTL Fuel, and we can help yours become one of them.TL

Agricultural heating oil

Heating is a serious consideration for any agricultural business. Traditionally, farms may have used red diesel for their commercial boilers, but as cost becomes increasingly important, more are turning to agricultural or industrial heating oil: a cost effective, fully rebated oil designed specifically for commercial heating applications.

Industrial heating oil, unlike red diesel, cannot be used to power any vehicles or machinery. This is because it has no fuel duty and is strictly for heating purposes.

Certas Energy supplies Therma35, a slower burning, zero bio content heating oil with long-term storage stability. Therma35 can be bought in bulk and stored for considerably longer than red diesel, so as well as being fully rebated, it also provides farmers with bulk discounts and year-round cost savings.

OEM approved lubricants

Today’s agricultural industry relies on lubricants because of  the differences they can make in equipment efficiency and life span. With the right farm lubricants, your vehicles and machinery can increase output and minimise unnecessary downtime for valuable cost savings. Certas Energy supplies a range of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) approved lubricants, including:

  • AdBlue
  • Antifreeze
  • Turbine oils
  • Metalworking fluids
  • Rust Prevention
  • Refrigeration Oils
  • Hydraulic oils

Our dedicated lubricants website has all the information you need to order essential agricultural lubricants and get even more from your farm machinery.


“It’s great to know that we’re reducing our impact on the environment without affecting productivity.”

George Palmer, Assistant Farm Manager at Northfield Farms

Certas Energy offers a growing range of fuels that can help businesses make environmental gains. Find out how we are supporting  the farming sector. 

Farm Fuel FAQs

Certas Energy has 150 local depots and a fleet of 900 vehicles equipped to deal with the demands of rural and remote areas. We supply fuel to farms throughout the whole of the UK and are committed to keeping your agricultural business moving at full speed, no matter the weather.

Regulations have changed for tractor diesel. As of 1 April 2022, red diesel is no longer be available at a rebated rate for many commercial applications. Check out how this will impact the agricultural industry.

As the UK’s largest supplier of fuels and lubricants, Certas Energy has a competitively priced portfolio and only supplies top quality products that offer efficiency and increased output, resulting in value for money with every purchase. Contact our team to ask about the most up-to-date prices for agricultural fuels and lubricants. 

The agricultural sector uses heating oil for a variety of reasons, so whether that’s heating livestock sheds throughout winter or running grain dryers, there are plenty of options available. Whilst red diesel has been used in the past, the move towards cleaner fuels means kerosene and industrial heating oil are growing in popularity. Industrial heating oil (IHO) is a fully rebated fuel, making it a cost-effective choice. There are some restrictions on the use of IHO, with use in vehicles being strictly prohibited. Our expert team will be happy to talk you through the right fuel for heating your farm.

As well as being an efficient and organised way to stay on top of fuel levels on your farm, buying in bulk can produce considerable cost savings. Certas Energy has 900 tankers of varying sizes and can deliver agricultural fuels in small and large quantities. Whether you want to stock up or just need a top up, we can help. 

To safely store a fuel tank on your farm or agricultural premises, you will need to adhere to the tank regulations. The tank regulations apply to any business storing fuel in capacities over 200 litres. The agricultural sector is subject to slightly different rules regarding fuel that is used specifically for agricultural purposes like powering tractors or grain dryers. The use of fuels in vehicles, however, does fall under the regulations—and farms must comply. Read our guide to oil tank regulations for more information.

Your accredited agricultural fuels supplier

When it comes to a reliable service our approach to health, safety, fleet operations, efficiency and environmental protection is measured to exacting standards – demonstrating our commitment to measuring, monitoring and improving our performance.

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