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How to look after your farm equipment during winter

Harvest may be over, but as we know a farmer’s work is never done. Prioritising maintenance over the chilly months ahead, be it machinery, fuel, or security, is now top of the to-do list.

With the right products and solutions, you can ensure your farm machinery is always performance-ready and optimise your fuel security – but where to start? The good news is, we’re here to give you a steer.

We’ve curated a comprehensive guide to fuelling your farm this winter, so you can keep your equipment in tip top condition and make sure your farm runs smoothly all year round.

Protect your farm machinery this winter


Keep machinery in check with additives

It is not just the busy summer months that additives are useful. They are also essential for preventing fuel waxing which could affect filters and cause damage if left unchecked. Our range of additives allow you to keep your machinery in top condition, helping reduce the cost of maintaining and replacing parts, as well as improving fuel performance and limiting waste.

Cases of fuel theft are on the rise and the darker winter nights can make it harder to protect your farm against opportunistic thieves. Diesel Defender acts as a powerful deterrent for would-be thieves. A liquid anti-theft marker, Diesel Defender colours white diesel to produce a green fuel, making it distinguishable from white diesel for personal use, helping to improve traceability and reduce resale value.

From Gas Oil Extra, Anti-Bug Kill, and Anti-Wax, to Fuel Store Plus, and Diesel Power Restorer, we have the right solution for your machinery’s needs. Conducting maintenance checks on your machinery and using the right additives can help ensure they are in good working order ahead of the peak season.


Protect agricultural machinery with Antifreeze

When the colder weather hits, it’s important that your machinery keeps going as long as you do. Top quality antifreeze can help to maximise performance and reliability in harsh conditions,  minimising maintenance costs. While keeping coolant systems topped up is essential, it is a task that is often overlooked. Our range of antifreeze products can help reduce the risk of frost damage, by keeping the radiator from freezing in extreme cold. These products can also protect against corrosion damage, scaling, and sediment build-up, as well as prevent common cavitation issues, helping to ensure smooth operations, especially during colder periods.


Set the wheels in motion for more sustainable farming with GTL Fuel and HVO.

Although agriculture was largely unaffected by April’s red diesel reform, some farmers took the opportunity to re-evaluate their fuel choices and seek alternatives that fitted with their sustainability goals. Drop-in diesel alternatives can instantly reduce emissions and set your farm up for a sustainable start to peak season.

Let’s look at some examples:

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is a 100% biodegradable, drop-in diesel alternative made from vegetable fats and oils. Benefits include: 

  • up to 90% reduction in emissions – instantly
  • no engine or infrastructure modifications needed
  • FAME, sulphur, and fossil free
  • cleaner burning
  • long shelf life

Like what you see? Discover everything you need to know about HVO in our ultimate guide.

GTL Fuel (Gas to Liquid) is a cleaner burning diesel alternative fuel used in on and off-road applications. Benefits include:

  • significant reduction in­­­NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) and PM (particulate Matter) emissions
  • biodegradable and non-toxic
  • long shelf life
  • reduced noise pollution
  • drop-in fuel replacement

Why not check out our alternative fuels guide to learn more?

Fuel monitoring

Boost fuel security with fuel monitoring solutions.

Fuel tanks are often a target for thieves and as the nights draw closer, thieves have more opportunity to strike.

Our tank locks and tank monitoring solutions can help keep your fuel safe and secure. Our wirelessly-fitted telemetry system, FuelWise, enables real-time remote fuel monitoring, with automatic alerts triggered in the event of a sudden drop in levels, which could indicate theft or a leak. Automatic top-ups can also be arranged so that you never run out of fuel, giving you all-important peace of mind, and allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Find out how to protect your farm from theft this winter

Choose the right heating oil

Choosing industrial heating oils that can be stored for longer periods of time and in varying temperatures is important to make sure winter on your farm runs smoothly. This time of year is perfect for re-evaluating the fuels you use for your operations, particularly given the rising cost and environmental issues associated with Class A2 gas oil.

If you are looking for an alternative to conventional heating gas oil – Therma35 industrial heating oil meets BS2869 Class D for heating applications and can be used across a complete range of commercial boilers, dryers and heaters without compromising on heating output or performance.

With temperatures dropping, stocking up on heating oil should be a priority. Our range of readily available, cost-effective, and efficient options will see you through until spring.

Therma35: premier heating oil

Our cost-effective, slow-burning solution can be used for a diverse range of agricultural applications, from drying grain to heating cow sheds.

  • Drop-in – no modifications needed
  • More cost-efficient than gas oil
  • Long-shelf life
  • High performing
  • Winter-grade
  • FAME-free

Being winter-grade and boasting a long shelf life, you can stock up on Therma35 in advance to ensure you are well-prepared when cold snaps hit. 

Keep your farm heated this winter with Therma35.


Ensure your machinery is in tip-top shape with lubricants.

Machinery may not be working at peak performance during the winter months, but they need to be ready to operate, when needed. Lubricants are a vital cog in farming operations, helping to push up productivity and drive down costly repairs. Approved by many agricultural OEMs, including Massey Ferguson, Case, New Holland, John Deere and Fendt, our high-performing lubricants suit all farming machinery needs. Need help choosing the right lubricants for your machinery? Click here to learn more about our extensive range and to reach out to our experts.

Talk to Certas Energy’s agriculture experts for more information on the competitively priced products you need to look after your farm equipment during winter.


Don’t run on empty

Any heating, boiling or drying application is an energy intensive process consuming a high volume of fuel to keep your farm running at its best as the temperature drops. As well as burning more slowly than conventional gas oil, Therma35 industrial heating oil offers a range of added-value benefits. Unlike red diesel, the fuel’s long-term storage stability, winter-grade and zero bio content means it can be bought in bulk and stored all year round without the risk of spoilage, interruption or waxing. Assure your supply during a cold snap by installing tank monitoring systems to track the fuel levels in your tank to avoid disruption and stay topped up throughout winter.

Order early

Certas Energy are experienced in winter deliveries, our fleet of over 900 tankers keep moving in all conditions. We are committed to getting your deliveries to you on time, stay ahead of the changing weather and order early over the winter to assure your supply over the coldest months of the year. Our drop-in industrial heating oils allow for more flexibility when ordering and significant savings against alternatives, like Class A2 gas oil.

Use a fuel expert

A reliable supply of road diesel, red diesel and heating oil is essential for any farm. But with demand shifting across the seasons – from the activity boom of harvest to the relative lull of winter preparation – having a fuel and oil supplier in place that understands your needs is key.

Our specialist local teams work closely with your farm to provide bespoke solutions that meet your changing seasonal requirements, with dedicated account managers ready to provide expert advice to keep your farm moving all year round.

With 130 depots and 900 tankers nationwide, Certas Energy can always deliver a reliable supply of everything you need to fuel your farm. We also partner with farming buying groups to deliver a competitive, reliable service to farms across the country.

Discover how Certas Energy can keep you fuelled up this winter.

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