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Discover the benefits of switching to a cleaner-burning alternative to standard diesel

Improve local air quality, reduce engine noise and protect performance

GTL Fuel has improved combustion in diesel engines, helping to reduce local emissions of air pollutants. It’s free of unwanted components, such as sulphur, nitrogen and aromatics, making it non-toxic and less harmful to the environment, particularly in applications with no or minimal exhaust aftertreatment.

It also has several performance advantages over standard diesel, including reduced noise pollution, fewer filter blockages, longer shelf life, better storage stability and cold start improvement.


Direct replacement for diesel

GTL Fuel is a drop-in alternative to conventional diesel, with no engine or machinery modifications needed. This means that businesses can reduce local emissions immediately, without interruption to operations.


Cleaner-burning than conventional diesel

GTL Fuel has improved combustion properties inside diesel engines, helping to reduce the emission of air pollutants including:

    • Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)
    • Particulate Matter (PM)
    • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
    • Hydrocarbons (HCs)


Drive down noise pollution

Noise levels can be reduced by 1-4 dB when using GTL Fuel compared to conventional diesel. The high cetane number of the fuel shortens the ignition delay, reducing diesel knock intensity and combustion noise in both heavy-duty and light-duty vehicle engines.


Minimise machinery maintenance

GTL Fuel is free from fatty acid methyl ester (FAME), a biofuel that has hygroscopic properties which can promote contamination, diesel bug growth and fuel separation. Switching to GTL Fuel can help avoid these issues and result in fewer filter blockages, helping to save on maintenance costs and machinery downtime.


More biodegradable than conventional diesel

The composition of GTL Fuel, particularly the low aromatic content, means it is readily biodegradable and poses fewer environmental and health hazards than conventional diesel. It is not harmful if inhaled and carries a low risk of eye irritation and skin damage.


Odour-free refuelling

Clear, bright, and almost water-like in appearance, GTL Fuel produces no characteristic ‘diesel’ odour due to a lack of sulphur and aromatics.


Cold start improvement in engines

GTL Fuel has excellent low temperature performance, with a low cloud point and improved cold start performance due to the high cetane number.


Safer, easier, longer storage

With no bio content and a CFPP below -20°C, GTL Fuel has a longer shelf life than conventional diesel and biodiesel. It also offers safer handling, stability, and storage advantages due to a higher flash point.


GTL Fuel in action

From construction to agriculture, companies in multiple industries have already made the change to GTL Fuel, in partnership with Certas Energy.

Check out our case studies to discover first-hand the benefits GTL Fuel brings to businesses.

Still got questions?

If you want to learn more about GTL Fuel, we’re here to help.

We have put together a series of Frequently Asked Questions based on what customers are asking us about the cleaner-burning fuel.

Ready to discover how GTL Fuel can benefit your business? Speak to a specialist and make the switch, today.

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