Switch on your full energy potential with Cynergise™ by Certas Energy

Through our Cynergise energy transition consultancy service, we help our customers to power their energy optimisation, by driving decarbonisation, cutting costs and pushing productivity.

Fuel and energy-related operations can have a major influence on a business’ bottom line, operational efficiency, and emissions output. As the UK’s largest fuel distributor, we have the expertise, industry insights and innovative solutions to help businesses optimise and evolve their energy mix. Following detailed analysis of the complete energy value chain, our energy transition experts identify how companies can make impactful changes to futureproof their energy solutions, without sacrificing productivity or price. We make bespoke recommendations in areas including:

  • Alternative fuels and energies
  • Scope and GHG reporting
  • Financing options
  • EV workplace charging
  • Air and ground source heat pumps
  • Smart heating controls
  • Commercial solar PV and battery storage
  • Insulation
  • Total cost of ownership consultancy services
  • Efficiency monitoring technology (dashboard)

From a financial perspective, it is estimated that 15% of the lifetime costs of fuel-related procurement and usage are directly manageable with the right approach and the right expertise, with the other 85% dependent on fuel pricing.

Businesses acting on Cynergise consultants’ recommendations have been shown to benefit from savings of up to 10% on fuel-related costs over a three-year period.

Want to see Cynergise in action? Check out the case studies below to learn more.

Case study: A leading plant and equipment company

Working with one of the UK’s leading plant hire and equipment businesses, our consultants were tasked with identifying opportunities to make long-term fuel-related cost savings.

After an in-depth review and consultation process, Certas Energy highlighted several areas in which significant cost and efficiencies savings could be made, including purchasing, storage, payment, fuel and fleet management.

This resulted in potential savings of over £1.2m.

Case study: A major UK construction contractor

For one major UK construction contractor, prolonged idle times, maintenance, reporting and high commodity costs were impacting business.

Certas Energy’s Cynergise consultation identified opportunities for enhanced productivity, which resulted in savings of around £600,000.

We are now working closely with this customer to supply considerable annual fuel volumes and carry out fuel storage tank maintenance to support the business’ environmental credentials.

Ready to kick-start your energy evolution?

For more information on how Certas Energy’s Cynergise consultancy service can help fuel significant savings for your business – be it costs, emissions, or efficiency – get it touch with the team, today. 

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