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Problem solvers

Prevent disruption, protect your fuel supply
and vehicles, increase performance efficiencies
and reduce maintenance with fuel additives.

Protect your fuel.
Minimise disruption

Fuel additive products that act to minimise the effect of field problems associated with ever-changing base fuel.


Diesel Defender

Diesel Defender is a liquid anti-theft marker dye permitted for use in UK non-rebated fuel, typically known as white diesel, road diesel or DERV. The liquid blue dye colours white diesel to produce a green fuel, making it distinguishable from white diesel for personal use.

It acts as a powerful deterrent to thieves, improving traceability, impacting resale value, and exposing non-commercial use.

It can be used in a wide range of applications, including construction equipment, cooling or heating units in road and rail transport, airport vehicles, forklift trucks, electricity generation and heating for commercial premises.

Tank stickers can be supplied on request to advertise that the fuel has been dyed to prevent theft.


  • No issues with identification, quantification, and classification of marked rebated fuels
  • Notified with HMRC
  • No interference with statutory markers so will not give false positive results on any roadside tests
  • Unique chromatic profile distinct from statutory markers and does not impede their measurement
  • Complies with Regulation 14(3) of the Hydrocarbon Oil (marking) Regulations 2002

When to use:

  • To demonstrate importance of operational investment on site
  • To show that fuel use is being closely monitored and can be traced
  • If there is a fear or suspicion of theft by external persons or internal staff
  • With each fuel delivery


Anti-bug Kill/Protect

Anti-bug is a fuel soluble biocide and preservative. The first sign of microbiological contamination (the ‘diesel bug’) is often continuous blocking of filters with a slimy substance, which can range in colour from black to light brown. Anti-bug Kill and Anti-bug Protect can be dosed into fuel via either batch treatment or as part of a continuous additive injection regime.

Anti-bug Kill – Used to tackle current and immediate microbiological infestation.

Anti-bug Protect – Used to inhibit microbiological activity in clean tanks.

Both additives can be used in bulk fuel storage or added directly into a vehicle or machine fuel tank.


  • Broad spectrum additive covering a variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts
  • Has an immediate effect and does not add to sludge or slime build-up
  • Clean-up rates are 24-36 hours
  • Eliminates plugging of filters and gauges
  • Protects against tank and pipe corrosion
  • Does not adversely affect fuel combustion or emissions quality
  • Fully compatible with steels, aluminium and zinc and with polyethylene and polypropylene
  • Has no adverse effect on waste water systems or municipal sewage treatment
  • Approved as a fuel additive by: Mercedes Benz, DAF, MAN, NATO, Deutz, Shell, the Swiss Army and others

When to use:

Use Anti-bug Kill/Protect additives when you are concerned about the ‘diesel bug’ or the fuel contains increasing quantities of bio-content. The Protect dose will prevent bug growth.


Diesel Power Restorer

Diesel Power Restorer is a specially formulated fuel additive designed to break down and disperse hard lacquers and internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) to bring fuel flow and engine power back to optimum levels quickly.

Modern diesel engines use precision injection technology to help deliver optimum driving performance efficiently and with reduced emissions. Over time, deposits can build up in diesel fuel injection systems – reducing engine power, especially in the presence of biofuel components.

The deposits can be very thin layers of lacquer or stuck tenaciously to critical engine parts that restrict fuel flow. Symptoms of such problems are; noticeable reduction in power, the engine misfires at idle or power surges. The additive is used ‘online’ on a running engine and is typically added as part of a routine service. Ideal if used in conjunction with the regular use of Gas Oil Conditioner.


  • Restores power that can be lost in modern diesel engines
  • Problems resolved with minimal downtime
  • Works within one tankful of fuel
  • Potential fuel economy benefit

When to use:

  • Power output has dropped
  • Power surges
  • Engine misfires at idle
  • Engine management light is illuminated



Sludgebuster additive is a formulated chemical additive for use as a tank, pipework and vessel cleaner where fuel, oil or other hydrocarbon contamination and solids build-up is a problem.

It is recommended that Sludgebuster is added to the bulk fuel or other carrier fluid and where possible circulated through the tank to be cleaned for a number of hours. In this way, it is ideally suited to be utilised with fuel polishing and/or fuel filtration equipment. It can also be used with professional pressure washing equipment.


  • Contains concentrated hydrocarbon detergent
  • Promotes oil-water separation
  • Inhibits oil-water emulsion formation
  • Broad-spectrum solvent washing capability



Anti-wax is formulated to improve the cold flow and handling properties of diesel and gas oil. It is typically added at the rate of 1 litre of additive to 1,000 litres of fuel. The additive must be used as a preventative measure and will not work if the fuel is already waxed. Fuel-specific tests need to be carried out if a minimum operability temperature is required.



  • Boosts the fuel’s resistance to waxing
  • Allows operation at colder temperatures than fuel specification
  • Inhibits the formation of wax crystals
  • Reduces the potential for filter plugging
  • Works with maximum allowable FAME contents

When to use:

  • As a prevention to fuel freezing and ‘waxing out’
  • Forecast is for temperatures of <-5°C
  • Should be dosed at temperatures >+5°C

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