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Industrial heating oil Q&A: how to beat cold weather, the right way

Prior to the red diesel reform changes in April, many businesses were accustomed to using gas oil/red diesel for their industrial heating needs. But with rebated fuel no longer permitted for commercial heating applications, many businesses must find a suitable, compliant alternative for the coming colder months.

What many do not realise is that there is a more cost effective and more efficient alternative to gas oil that is readily available as a drop-in heating solution, whether at the construction site, the factory or the farm. As they gear up for the first gas oil-free winter, now is the time for businesses to make a seamless, smart switch to industrial heating oil, also known as Therma35.

Here are the key questions our customers are asking about industrial heating oil and its diverse benefits.

What is industrial heating oil?

Industrial heating oil – available through Certas Energy under the brand name Therma35 – is a highly cost-efficient, drop-in alternative to conventional Ultra Low Sulphur Class A2 gas oil/red diesel. Because it complies with government regulations for use in a range of commercial and non-commercial heating applications, it is already a highly popular solution across various sectors.

What can industrial heating oil be used for?

Industrial heating oil can be used for any heating purposes where gas oil was previously used, without any modifications to equipment or machinery. It is restricted to use in heating applications only and cannot be used for powering mobile or stationery plant or machinery. However, the heating applications Therma35 has to offer are diverse, including:

  • Space heating and central heating; for example in commercial buildings and site cabins
  • Drying and industrial heating; for example metal processing and tarmac manufacture. In an agricultural context, this could include use in grain driers on farms and heating cow sheds
  • Industrial boiler plant; powering various heat-related treatments that are required at food and beverage manufacture facilities, abattoirs, dairies, distilleries and animal feed mills.

Why is industrial heating oil less expensive than gas oil?

Gas oil needed to contain specific levels of cetane in order to be suitable for use in modern diesel engines. Because Therma35 is only permitted for use in heating applications, it does not require the costly addition of cetane or expensive sulphur removal. So, the answer is simple: industrial heating oil is more cost-efficient to produce. Most importantly, it is completely compliant with the red diesel law changes. It also offers better value for every-day use, because industrial heating oil burns more slowly than standard gas oil.

Need a recap on the red diesel changes? Check out the duty equalisation FAQs.

What are the other benefits of using industrial heating oil?

An important benefit of Therma35 is its stability and efficiency. Industrial heating oil is a winter-grade solution with a long shelf-life that is safe to store all year round, because it contains zero bio content. That means companies can stock up in advance to ensure they are well-prepared when a cold snap hits, without worrying about spoilage due to microbial content, interruption or waxing. “Waxing” refers to the build-up of wax crystals in fuel that can clog pipes and therefore may lead to equipment failure.

Getting ready and stocking up in time for winter is especially important when it comes to heating oil: a sudden drop in temperature due to a lack of supply may not only disrupt production, but it can also severely damage equipment or even structures in the event of a burst pipe.

How can my business make the switch to industrial heating oil?

Certas Energy is here to help customers fuel a more efficient, successful future for their business. Therma35 and kerosene are drop-in solutions that require no engine modifications and both are readily available as part of an extensive portfolio of fuels and fuel-related products. As the UK’s largest fuel distributor, Certas Energy has the unrivalled infrastructure to deliver a regular supply of high-quality industrial heating oil in large quantities, serving customers across sectors and throughout the whole UK.

Get in touch today for a personalised quote and discover how Therma35 can save your business money over winter, for years to come.

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