OFTEC Registered Boiler Engineers

Benefits of Using OFTEC Registered Oil Boiler Engineers

Your friendly local engineers at Certas Energy are all OFTEC-registered, but what exactly does that mean? And what are the benefits?

In this guide we’ll talk about the many advantages of using OFTEC oil boiler engineers. We’ll also discuss why choosing a qualified heating engineer will help you get the most from your heating system. 

What is OFTEC?

OFTEC stands for the Oil Firing Technical Association. They are a leading trade organisation representing the heating and cooking industries of the UK and Republic of Ireland. 

Through providing industry training, assessments and registration schemes, they aim to provide consumers with safe and efficient heating. 

Currently, OFTEC has almost 10,000 registered technicians. Each is committed to meeting building regulations and industry best practice, including the team at Certas Energy.

Can An OFTEC Registered Technician Carry Out An Oil Boiler Service?

Absolutely. Registered heating technicians are skilled in oil boiler repairs and servicing, regardless of the make or model. OFTEC registered heating technicians will ensure your oil fired boiler is performing to the highest possible standard. 

During your service, a technician from Certas Energy will:

  • Check for any water ingress 
  • Look for soot deposits
  • Clean parts and boiler components
  • Replace damaged or worn parts
  • Check the system pressure

Learn more about what to expect and how to prepare for your oil boiler service with Certas Energy.

How Often Should I Have My Oil Boiler Serviced? 

It’s a good idea to have your oil boiler serviced at least once a year. If you think your boiler is overdue, request a callback to book your next appointment. 

What Are the Benefits of Using OFTEC Registered Engineers?

Using registered engineers for all your oil firing technical needs offers complete peace of mind. Only fully trained experts, like the team at Certas Energy, will carry out the necessary work. This work also carries a free workmanship warranty for protection in the unlikely event of unexpected issues. 

Another benefit is that your registered engineer will be saving you time and money. Making sure your oil boiler is performing safely and efficiently helps avoid costly repairs further down the line. 

There are also many additional benefits too, including:


  • Regular assessments: Work is continually under assessment to make sure it meets safety standards.
  • Re-certification: To stay up to date with the latest regulations, all engineers go through recertification every 5 years.
  • Photo ID: Engineers carry photo ID with the type of oil heating work they are qualified for.
  • Direct guidance: Support, advice and guidance are always directly available if any potential issues should come up. 
  • Insurance and documentation: Every technician has suitable insurance and will provide documentation for work carried out in your home. 

Do You Have to Use An OFTEC Registered Service Engineer?

It’s not a legal requirement for your engineer to register before carrying out oil boiler installations or services. 

At Certas Energy, we strongly recommended choosing qualified experts to guarantee the safety and quality of any work done. 

Even if it is a much cheaper option, choosing not to use a registered engineer presents a risk in the long term. Your oil boiler may not perform as it should.  Plus, any work carried out may not be under guarantee which may prove costly.

The Northern Ireland government and Environment Agency actively encourage homeowners to use OFTEC engineers. 

What is the Competent Person Scheme?

The Competent Person Scheme is a register of technicians whose work meets building regulations and approved industry standards. 

Members of the Competent Person Scheme can self certify that their work complies with regulations. This means that an individual’s work doesn’t need the approval of a local council or inspector. 

How Do I Find An OFTEC Oil Boiler Engineer Near Me?

To find your nearest registered oil boiler engineer and book your next appointment, call us on 03457 620 620. 

Learn more about our oil boiler servicing, plans and maintenance advice by visiting our boiler servicing hub

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