Oil Boiler Service Guide: What to Expect and How to Prepare

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You may have heard about the all-important annual oil boiler service. But what does this crucial service actually entail in oil heated homes? We’ve gathered this handy oil boiler service guide to answer all your burning questions.

Discover what happens during your oil fired boiler service and why it’s so important.

We will answer all of the following questions about oil boiler servicing:

  • What is an Oil Boiler Service?

    An oil boiler service is a manual inspection of your boiler carried out by a professional engineer. Before booking a service for your oil boiler, ensure that your chosen tradesperson is qualified to perform the inspection.

    At Certas Energy, our OFTEC registered engineers carry out all of our oil boiler services. During the service, our expert engineers will check your oil boiler for signs of wear. This proactive approach identities any potential issues that may need fixing for optimal performance.

  • How Often Should You Service Your Oil Boiler?

    You should get your oil boiler serviced annually, even if everything seems to be working correctly. Further inspection may reveal issues that are not immediately visible. If your oil fired boiler shows the following signs, it’s a good idea to schedule servicing sooner than expected:

    • Delay in heating 
    • Increase in heating oil usage 
    • Oil boiler lockout

  • Why Do You Need a Heating Oil Boiler Service?

    With so many tasks demanding attention these days, prioritising an oil boiler service might not be at the top of the list. But, the consequences of an oil boiler breakdown can stop everything in its tracks and put a freeze on your finances too. Here are just some of the reasons why it’s important to schedule your service:

    Increase Safety in Your Home 

    Failure to properly maintain or service your oil boiler can result in the release of poisonous fumes. These fumes can put you and your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. So, the key purpose of an oil boiler service is to ensure your safety. During the service, our OFTEC engineers will thoroughly check for any potential leaks or repairs.

    Improve Oil Boiler Efficiency and Reduce Costs

    Without regular maintenance, your central heating system could become inefficient, costing you more in heating oil and energy bills. Servicing your oil boiler boosts its efficiency and helps prevent costly repairs by catching issues early on. Without regular servicing, you may risk paying out for a new oil boiler if the damages are irreparable.

    Anyone who has experienced a broken oil boiler will no doubt tell you how bad it is. Picture boiling kettles and pans for a proper wash or shivering under the duvet due to the absence of heating to keep you warm. So, it’s important to look after your oil fired boiler to make sure it doesn’t let you down.

    If you find yourself needing to replace your oil boiler, we offer a wide range of options to choose from. Discover the best oil central heating boilers for your home.

  • Oil Boiler Service: What to Expect & What’s Included?

    Oil boilers in particular require consistent care and maintenance. During a heating oil boiler service, our engineers will:

    Check for Any Water Ingress to the Oil Tank

    Water in the oil tank can carry debris from the tank into the boiler. Soot build up will then make your oil boiler less efficient. Our engineers will perform a dip test to check for signs of water ingress and carry out any remedial work.

    Check for Impurities

    In cold weather, there is a chance frozen water will get into the oil line, causing your boiler to stop working. We will conduct a dip test to check for impurities and make sure no water is likely to freeze in the oil line.

    Discover how to prepare your oil-heated home for winter to prevent potential issues with your oil boiler.

    Change the Nozzle

    A blocked nozzle will slow your oil boiler down. To prevent potential issues caused by congealed oil in the future, every oil boiler service includes a nozzle change. Note that a new nozzle will incur an additional charge and is not part of the service charge.

    Check for Soot Deposits

    Soot on your oil boiler’s electrodes or photocells can make it turn on and off involuntarily. Additionally, soot may also prevent your oil fired boiler from lighting altogether. If encountered, our engineers will thoroughly clean the electrodes and photocells to help prevent such issues.

    Clean the Trap

    Condensation and dirt can collect in the trap, eventually causing your boiler to stop working. With a Certas oil boiler service, our skilled engineers clean the trap, significantly improving your boiler’s year-round reliability.

    An annual boiler service is part of maintaining the health and lifespan of your boiler. You can find out more about maintaining good boiler health in our guide to boiler care and maintenance.

  • How Long Does it Take to Service an Oil Boiler?

    An oil boiler service takes no more than two hours to complete. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that one of our dedicated team members has thoroughly checked and serviced your oil boiler.

  • How to Prepare for an Oil Boiler Service?

    There are a few ways that you can prepare for your oil boiler service to make the process easier and quicker: 

    • Research your OFTEC qualified engineer to ensure that they are qualified and reliable
    • Book your service in plenty of time before the winter months
    • Turn off your boiler beforehand to allow the appliance to cool down 
    • Clear the area surrounding the boiler for easy access
    • Remove any potential hazards such as pets or obstructive items 
    • Carry out a visual inspection for any water ingress or soot deposits
    • Clean parts and boiler components
    • Replace any damaged or worn parts
    • Check the system pressure
    • Carbon monoxide check

    Let your friendly engineer know about any of your findings that they should be aware of.

  • Keep Your Oil Boiler Healthy with a Certas Energy Oil Boiler Care Plan

    Stay on top of your oil boiler care by signing up to an oil boiler care package, including annual servicing and repairs. Certas offers two oil boiler care packages, Boiler Shield and Boiler Shield Plus, so you can choose which best suits you and your requirements.

    Our network of local, OFTEC registered engineers can get to you quickly no matter where you are in the country. A well-maintained oil boiler rarely presents any problems, precisely because its owners have taken good care of it. Our engineers can repair the problem or replace any parts if there is cause for concern. Therefore, you’ll encounter no huge financial surprises or long cold nights.

    Additionally, our helpful payment plans allow you to manage your oil boiler service costs throughout the year. So, not only can you avoid oil boiler emergencies, but you can keep costs down too.

    Call us today on 03457 620 620 to talk to one of our experienced team about the right oil boiler care package for you.

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