Apprentice Insight – Kayleigh Cassie (IT)

Name: Kayleigh Cassie
Department : IT 

Name of apprenticeship : GA IT Management for Business
Length of Apprenticeship: 4 Years

What attracted you to apply for an Apprenticeship?  

I was advised by my line manager at the time that there was an opportunity for me to study for a degree in IT Management and that this would be funded by Skills Development Scotland. 

Having already completed a degree at Stirling as a full time student, I had to weigh upwhether it was feasible to become a student again for another 4 years whilst holding a full time position here at Certas Energy.  

However, the opportunity of having a second degree, and learning more about IT as a profession whilst still being able to work full time and apply the knowledge I am learning in the workplace seemed too good an opportunity to pass up. 

What experience/knowledge/skills have you gained from your Apprenticeship so far? 

At the moment a lot of the knowledge I am gaining is the backbone to an IT department and in just 5 months I have a greater understanding of the systems we use within the business and the importance they have within the business.

I have learned some coding skills that are used for writing programmes and one of the modules I am currently studying is about how to build a business model from the bottom up and the amount of work involved in this. 

I feel I have a greater understanding of IT as I did not have a huge amount of knowledge prior to starting with Certas in December 2016. I also believe that the experience I am getting through the process is going to allow for better opportunities within IT in the future.

What do you enjoy most about your Apprenticeship?

I love learning and gaining new knowledge around a variety of subjects. Being able to apply this directly in the workplace in turn helps me to develop a greater understanding of this information. 

You get the benefits of being in the student environment and meeting new people working in the same industry whilst still being able to work full time and being a proactive member of the IT team

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