Certas Energy Coronavirus (COVID-19) information update (October 2020)

Issue date: Thursday 22 October 2020

Certas Energy – continuing reliable customer service with safer fuel deliveries to our customers

Oil supply and distribution are classified as essential services by the UK government and therefore Certas Energy is proud to continue to service our customers and to safely deliver their fuel,

In light of the changed environment, please be assured that we have made significant changes to our customer services, credit and delivery operations, in order to safeguard our customers so they can continue to receive the services they need from us in a safe and reliable way.

To assure our safe and reliable fuel supply and deliveries, as the UK’s largest fuel distributor, Certas Energy has an exceptionally resilient infrastructure as well as a world-class health and safety operation.

Business continuity

Certas Energy is the largest distributor of liquid fuels in the UK. As such we provide essential heating oil and road fuel to the domestic residential, NHS, military, care homes, government and other vital sectors.

Our priority is the health and wellbeing of all our people and customers and to ensure our operations continue as effectively as possible.

We continue to proactively manage our Business Continuity Plans and revise these appropriately as the situation and/or government guidance changes.

Inevitably, the pandemic has had an effect on our normal business operations, however we have based all our changes on new government guidelines and measures, as well as priority needs of different customers and sectors and also vulnerable customers.

Certas Energy continually invests in technology and infrastructure to ensure that the business is both robust and adaptable to be able to respond and cope with significant and potentially disruptive events such as the coronavirus.

We have an extensive network of facilities and resources, including depots, customer service hubs, drivers and support teams across the whole of the UK that all working to provide reliable customer services and safe fuel deliveries..

Underpinning our stress-tested corporate business continuity plan, are regional and local arrangements that are flexible and can adapt to the different local and regional measures as they are introduced.

A copy of the Certas Energy Business Continuity Plan is available separately upon request.

Prioritising customers in the event of any disruption in the fuel supply chain

We have a robust mechanism in place which ensures those customers who are already segmented on a ‘priority needs basis’, will always take priority in the event of any fuel shortage. This will be as well guided by government instruction. The protection of life is critical at all times. Needs-based prioritisation is in line with government guidance, for example protection of life/prevention of death, ie “blue lights” emergency services, hospitals, nursing/care homes, schools, ear-marked retail sites, ‘cold weather priority’ customers (elderly and/or vulnerable domestic fuel users).

Certas Energy’s response to the evolving situation resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic is continually under review and our response strategies and plans are being refreshed and communicated to all stakeholders as appropriate.

Please direct any additional or specific queries to our Head of National Accounts, Darren Holloway – darren.holloway@certasenergy.co.uk

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