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Certas Energy supports health and wellbeing in rural communities with the Field Nurse Trust


The Field Nurse Trust was set up in 2016 to provide drop-in clinics at local auction marts in Lancashire to help improve the health and wellbeing of those living in rural areas. For the next twelve months Certas Energy is proud to be sponsoring the Field Nurse Trust trailer to enable the team to continue to provide this invaluable service to the farming community.

The trailer can be found on Thursdays at Gisburn Auction Mart and on Tuesdays at Clitheroe and Brockholes Arms Auction Market where registered nurses and a healthcare assistant provide basic health screenings such as blood pressure, eyesight and weight check-ups for farmers who may otherwise leave any health worries unattended.


Working closely with the farming community, we often see first hand the stresses involved in running a farm. When we heard about the work being done by the Field Nurse Trust we knew it was something that would have a hugely positive impact on the health and wellbeing of farmers in the local area and wanted to do what we could to support it. It’s been amazing to hear about the difference the work the team at the Trust is doing and we would encourage any farmers who have any concerns over their health or wellbeing to seek support.

Mike Redfern, Business Account Manager

Faced with a busy schedule, many farmers are often reluctant to visit the doctor to discuss any issues around their health and wellbeing. In its first twelve months of operation, out of the 181 people seen by Field Nurse team across two auction sites, over 70% of visitors required referral to a local GP, A&E, or a follow up appointment with a field nurse or other support services. These figures demonstrate how valuable this service is and the extent to which some members of the rural community are not prioritising their health and wellbeing.

We’ve worked hard to encourage farmers to seek help and advice so they can keep farming and the uptake we’ve had so far on the service demonstrates the real need for such a valuable service within this hard to reach community. We’re incredibly grateful to Certas Energy for their sponsorship of the trailer which has enabled us to travel to shows and provide a drop-in clinic.

Christine Parkinson, founder member and trustee of the Field Nurse Trust

Health and safety is as much about mental health as it is physical wellbeing, and Certas Energy is committed to supporting the farming community in improving mental health in rural areas. The Certas Energy team will be visiting agricultural shows across the UK this summer so be sure to come and say hello.

To find out more about the Field Nurse Trust please visit www.fieldnurse.org.

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