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Everything you need to know about the UK’s transition from E5 to E10 petrol

What makes E10 petrol different?

E10 petrol is not a new fuel, it is simply new to the UK – it has been in use across Europe, the US and Australia for some time. What makes it different is its renewable ethanol content. E10 petrol contains up to 10% renewable ethanol (min. 5.5%), which is added to reduce petrol vehicle CO2 emissions. The previous standard petrol – E5 – contains only up to 5% renewable ethanol.

What are the benefits of E10 petrol?

Supporting the UK government’s Net Zero by 2050 ambition, the main benefit of E10 petrol is that it reduces overall levels of CO2-based vehicle emissions. It does this by blending petrol with up to 10% renewable ethanol, so that less fossil fuel is needed.
The introduction of E10 petrol at UK forecourts is estimated to cut transport CO2 emissions by 750,000 tonnes a year. According to the UK government, this is the equivalent of taking 350,000 cars off the road, or all the cars in North Yorkshire.

But what does this mean for Certas Energy customers?

Fuel suppliers have already started introducing E10 petrol into their supply chain, however, the government is allowing a two-month transition period.
E10 petrol is compatible with 95% of all petrol-powered vehicles and is therefore a straight drop-in alternative. But it is not compatible with some older vehicles, some motorbikes and mopeds as well as some other equipment such as lawnmowers, machinery, boats and small light aircraft.
It is therefore recommended to check with your OEM (original equipment manufacturer) to confirm whether your vehicle/equipment is approved to use E10 petrol or use the HMRC compatibility checker, found here.

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Or read more on the government website here and check your vehicle/equipment compatibility here.

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