Keeping Your Fuel Healthy To Avoid Disruption This Winter

As the busiest season of the transport calendar begins and temperatures start to drop, it can be easy to forget to monitor the health of a fuel supply. Neglecting to give your fuel supply the treatment it needs during the winter months could lead to added costs and productivity disruptions.

Additives are key to keeping your fuel healthy. By improving fuel performance and minimising storage issues, additives can reduce maintenance costs to help save your fleet money. Here are three essential additives that can help keep fleets moving in colder temperatures.

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Don't let your supply wax over

When the cold weather sets in, your fuel supply could be at risk of forming wax crystals that can clog up engines or even prevent vehicles from starting at all. Adding Anti-Wax to a fuel supply allows engine operation at colder temperatures than the original fuel specification by co-crystallising with the fuel wax crystals to change their shape and make them smaller. To improve the cold flow and handling properties of your fuel, Anti-Wax additive is best added to your supply while temperatures are above six degrees Celsius and before signs of waxing start to appear.

Keeping the bugs out

Few things are unhealthier to a fuel supply than it being infected by ‘diesel bug’. Causing a number of inefficiencies from increased oil and fuel consumption to corrosion of engine and tank components, a diesel bug infection can be exceptionally costly for fleet managers.

Diesel bug is usually caused by the accumulation of moisture in fuel tanks, which encourages the growth of bacteria and fungi that can plug filters and gauges with a thick slime-like substance. With one litre of additive treating 20,000, Anti-Bug Protect is a cost effective way to protect against tank condensation and inhibit microbial growth.

If there is a build-up of black or brown sludge in a tank, the fuel may already be contaminated. To eliminate an infestation of diesel bug, simply add Anti-Bug Kill additive directly to your bulk supply. The additive will clean up the contamination in under 36 hours without impacting fuel combustion or emissions quality – keeping vehicles in action when they’re needed most.

Ensuring peak performance

Fuel injection systems help to improve driving performance and reduce emissions, but these systems can suffer from a build-up of deposits that can cause engines to lose power over time. While the deposits can be thin and inconsequential, when these become stuck to engine parts they can inhibit fuel flow, causing not only a reduction in engine power but misfires at idle and power surges.

Diesel Power Restorer additive can break down and disperse these deposits to restore power levels and fuel flow to diesel engines, ensuring vehicles can operate at maximum power during the busy winter season. It is added directly to running engines to help resolve issues with minimal downtime and can also deliver potential fuel economy benefits, helping to save fleets money.

Certas Energy offers a range of additives to help fleets resolve fuel storage issues and minimise waste for a reliable, healthy fuel supply. Click below to find out more about our additives offering or get in touch through our additives enquiry form.

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