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The Hollies Win the APEA Health & Safety Performance Award!

The Hollies, TheStop win the APEA Award for Health and Safety Performance!

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The Hollies, TheStop is well known for being the oldest truck stop in the UK which originally started operating as a truck stop in the 1930s. Certas Energy acquired The Hollies on the 1st Novembe 2021 with a vision to set an exceptional standard for truck stops as the UK faces a shortage of safe and secure parking for the road haulage industry. The Hollies is a one-stop-shop designed around the needs and wants of drivers including parking for 230 HGVs, a refuelling station, hotel, launderette, café, shop, and much more.

Health and safety and is a high priority for Certas Energy including The Hollies and everyone on site. The site had its challenges with one reason being its age which meant The Hollies required extensive work and development to achieve the high standards desired by the team.

The Hollies, TheStop has received investment over the past 12 months to help reduce risk and focus on health and safety. The area has seen significant development by installing technology to support safety, whilst placing health first for anyone onsite. Projects that have taken place include the installation of high-security bays, 24/7 on-site security, a full perimeter fence, clearly marked parking bays, lighting with anti-vandal properties, and much more. The team at The Hollies also worked with SNAP Access and Security team to increase CCTV operations with enhanced and innovative infrared cameras and an ANPR system.

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Processes and policies have all been reviewed and either created or updated. Investments have been made with team members from online training courses to further development including CPL, first aid and fire training courses. For the hygiene of drivers, several facilities were installed with a self-service laundrette, new shower facilities and an air, vacuum, and fragrance machine to help accommodate drivers’ wants and needs.

The Truckstop achieved the prestigious accreditation to Park Mark Freight (PMF) In March 2023. PMF accreditation is carried out by Police Crime Prevention and the British Parking Association and is one of the forecourt’s most prestigious accreditations with rigorous testing that recognises the highest lorry parking standards, exceptional customer service, and a safe environment for users.

There has been a significant investment in putting health and safety first by Certas Energy to ensure standards are exceeded. The Hollies has shown an example of coming together to show the importance of both big and small developments, alongside the day-to-day steps that have been taken to make health and safety a priority resulting in zero incidents. The team are delighted to win the award and are continuing to identify further opportunities for development. 

To read more about The Hollies, TheStop click here to visit the website

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