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Boosting equipment uptime with Rye Demolition

Knowing that a reliable supply of high-quality diesel was crucial to the success of their large-scale demolition projects, Rye Demolition chose Certas Energy as its fuel partner.

Finding a reliable fuel delivery partner

Known for its expertise in large-scale demolition and remediation projects across London, 
Rye Demolition require a reliable fuel delivery partner to keep projects moving without delay.
Residue from poor quality diesel was clogging machinery filters: increasing NRMM downtime,
reducing site productivity and sending maintenance spend soaring.

Since changing fuel supplier to Certas Energy, Rye Demolition has seen a marked improvement in the quality of the diesel delivered, which has driven down its total cost of NRMM ownership by cutting downtime, maintenance costs and improving its plant hire-out capacity.



With an impressive demolition portfolio that includes West Ham United’s Boleyn stadium, Rye Demolition is just one arm of Rye Group Ltd – a business thriving in London’s booming redevelopment scene. To keep its sites moving, Rye Demolition relies upon deliveries of 15,000 litres of gas oil per week, including 4,000 litres delivered to the current redevelopment project at the former Kodak factory in North London. Its NRMM also requires 1,000 litres of AdBlue per week to ensure Rye Demolition remains compliant with legal emissions regulations.

As well as operating its own projects, Rye Group Ltd also offers plant hire services, meaning its NRMM must always be kept in peak condition to provide an efficient service for customers. In this case, it is crucial that Rye Group Ltd maintain a fully-stocked fleet of machinery that is ready to be hired out, rather than in the workshop undergoing maintenance.



Prior to becoming a Certas Energy customer, Rye Demolition experienced problems with diesel quality. Lower quality gas oil can be more prone to contamination, attracting greater water content and increasing the risk of bacterial growth.

This had an immediate impact on site productivity as equipment was not able to operate at peak performance and often had to be recalled off-site for maintenance. Rye Demolition’s total maintenance spend escalated as a result.

Inefficiencies also affected the hire service part of the business, with machinery often in the workshop undergoing filter replacements as a result of the blockages, fewer items of NRMM were available to be rented out. Hitting profitability, as well as interrupting the seamless flow of business operations.

Furthermore, with Rye Demolition ordering fuel and AdBlue from multiple suppliers, the on-site teams were becoming increasingly frustrated with waiting on deliveries. Site managers were having to contact a number of individual suppliers, costing them valuable time.



Rye Demolition was first drawn to Certas Energy due to its competitive fuel prices, but upon receiving its first delivery the team were impressed with the quality of the gas oil from the supplier.

Certas Energy receives certificates of quality from all of its fuel suppliers, meaning the same high quality of product is maintained across all deliveries. The quality assurance guarantees that Certas Energy supplies fuel that is on specification and is compliant with British Standards.

High quality gas oil helps to maintain peak performance and minimise the need for filter replacements. With less expensive machinery replacements needed over a piece of equipment’s lifetime, the total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.

With fewer filter blockages caused by low quality diesel, Rye Demolition cut repair bills and prolonged the windows between maintenance periods for plant machinery. The company’s plant hire arm also benefited from greater equipment availability, enabling them to hire out more machines and increase profits.

Dependable deliveries from Certas Energy meant that time was no longer wasted waiting for fuel to be delivered or chasing up missed deliveries, meaning site operations could continue to run smoothly.

Impressed with the reliable supply of quality of gas oil, Rye Demolition then chose Certas Energy to provide 1,000 litres per week of high quality AdBlue. With both products coming from a single supplier, Rye Demolition’s site managers were given one less thing to tick off on their long to-do lists.

Not only has the superior quality of Certas Energy’s product offering improved the productivity of Rye Demolition’s projects, combining its fuel and AdBlue supplier has streamlined supply chain relations for site managers. With only one dedicated account manager to contact, the time spent ordering fuel and AdBlue is significantly reduced.

Site managers now direct any queries or issues to a single point of contact within their local Certas Energy team, meaning issues can be resolved and queries addressed quickly, without any disruption to on-site operations.



“As a commercial business, naturally our top priority when it comes to looking for a fuel provider is the price. We have been very impressed with the quality of both the gas oil and AdBlue Certas Energy supplies, at a consistently competitive price.

“We’ve really noticed the impact as our machinery filters aren’t clogged anymore, which has made the business able to run more smoothly without regular maintenance problems taking machinery out of action.

“Before working with Certas Energy we were often waiting around for fuel, which costs us time on-site. Certas has always delivered exactly when they say they will, and call 20 minutes before delivery is due. So we know we won’t lose any valuable time and money waiting for fuel or AdBlue.”

Ashley Barlow, Contracts Manager at Rye Demolition.

Find out how Certas Energy can help to keep your construction project moving with high performance gas oil.


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