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Keep your fleet moving this winter

Rest assured your fleet can always fuel up,
right when they need to with a Certas Energy fuel card.

Right where your
fleet needs us

Choose from a variety of products at fixed prices across our growing network of HGV refuelling sites within the UK, including gas oil and AdBlue. Plus, we have the capacity to fill over 3,000 trucks per day with our high speed pumps that supply 120 litres of fuel per minute, allowing multiple vehicles to fuel up at the same time.

So fuel your fleet the right way and sign up to a Certas Energy fuel card today.


Get the fuel card app

From Keyfuels and UK Fuels sites, to HGV and LGV only sites, find the refuelling site that’s right for you and your fleet with our fuel card app. Download for free today.


Reducing your fleets impact, together

With cleaner-burning diesel alternatives like Shell GTL Fuel and HVO, and initiatives like carbon offsetting, we can help your fleet on its journey towards sustainability and carbon reduction. Together, we can improve your fleets climate impact.

Sign up to a Certas Energy fuel card today

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