Marine Fuel

Marine Gas Oil (MGO)

Refined from crude oil, gas oil is a middle distillate liquid. There are two recognised standards of gas oil:
Class D:
Class D has a maximum sulphur content of 1000ppm and meets the current BS2869 and ISO 8217 specifications.  Also known as 1000ppm, 0.1% or LSGO (low sulphur gas oil).

Class A2:
Class A2, also known as ULSGO (ultra-low sulphur gas oil) is suitable for mobile, off-road transportation that are required to use sulphur free fuel.  
Class A2 meets the current BS2869 and ISO 8217 specifications and has a maximum sulphur continent of 10ppm (0.001%)

RMG 380
Is a heavy fuel with a mix of residual oil and distillate oil.
RMG 380 can have a maximum of 3.5% of sulphur content according to ISO 8217.