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Discover more about the Certas Energy fuel card...

Download our Fuel Card Guide to discover how a Certas Energy fuel card can give you added payment security, lower prices at the pumps and discounts on hundreds of well-known brands.

Certas Energy fuel cards for businesses

Oversee fleet fuel spend, make savings, and maximise efficiency by ensuring consistent access to high-quality fuel with the Certas Energy fuel card.

Why sign up to a Certas Energy fuel card?

  • Over 3,700 refuelling sites nationwide
  • Real-time analytics with FuelTrace
  • Discounted pricing at Certas Energy refuelling sites
  • High-quality fuel, guaranteed, always
  • Personalised technical and regulatory advice
  • Driver benefits, rewards and loyalty scheme

Save with Certas Energy Fuel Cards

Get complete visibility over spending and output, so you can make fuel-related savings and ensure value for money. Customers can:

  • Set limits and regulate usage according to business needs.
  • Limit which fuel sites fuel cards can be used at.
  • Be specific about the times drivers can top up.
  • Track individual spend on each card.
  • Track purchases back to the individual driver.
We also offer ‘below the pump’ pricing, so businesses can budget for the period ahead, as well as transparent billing.

Where can I use Certas Energy fuel cards?

  • Certas Energy-owned HGV bunker sites.
  • All main motorway refuelling locations.
  • A large number of supermarkets.

Network partners include Keyfuels, UK Fuels, AS24, DKV and Morgan Fuels, supporting cross-acceptance.

FuelTapp - Simple, Seamless, Speedy & Secure

FuelTapp is the UK’s first digital fuel card – allowing users to pay for fuel at Certas Energy bunker sites using an app-generated PIN. With no cards to be lost, stolen or cloned or set PIN codes to remember you instantly improve security measures when using FuelTapp. New customers to Certas Energy could be credit approved and using FuelTapp app to pay for fuel within 30 minutes.

How do businesses get a fuel card?

It couldn’t be easier. Submit the form below and we will be in touch to help you start saving.

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