National Apprenticeship Week the Next Installment

Today, we are featuring not one but three of our Trainee Heating Service Engineers!!

At Certas Energy, we have a range of different roles and are able to offer opportunity for growth and progression.

Interested? Read on to know more.


Perry was a Chef in the Royal Airforce and studied Level 3 Plumbing and Heating prior to being offered a 12 month Apprenticeship at Certas Energy.

He has been with us for over 4 months now and has learnt a lot in his role as a Trainee Heating Services Engineer.

His training includes gaining a better understanding of how an Oil Heating system works and the process that it combusts. He has also been learning about the different types of boilers and oil tanks and most importantly our company standards in terms of servicing them.

To quote Perry ‘it is a profession that I am really keen on progressing in and Certas Energy provides me with the support and experience to fulfil my ambitions. My colleagues have also been extremely supportive and have really helped me enhance my skillset.’


Phillip has a background in Service Engineering and always wanted to work within the Heating side of the plumbing industry. So when the opportunity arose to learn new skills and gain qualifications through the process it was a no brainer.

Phillip has been shadowing several of our experienced Heating Service Engineers to understand central heating systems and learning how they work first hand.

Learning about all the different boilers, fault finding and repairing them and getting to meet new people really appeals to him. He is very excited about his future prospects with Certas Energy.


Masson’s background is in plumbing covering different aspects of the trade.

He originally installed kitchens and bathrooms before moving on to do all the plumbing behind swimming pools. His desire was to be more involved on the heating side of the trade and jumped at the opportunity when he noticed that the role was available.

When Masson started with Certas Energy, he knew nothing about oil but now he can confidently say that he has a better understanding of servicing boilers, identifying and repairing faults and an overall knowledge of heating systems.

He believes he has had the best training over his tenure with Certas Energy and looks forward progressing further with the company.

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