Glynn Cox – Depot Operations Supervisor

Glynn Cox Apprentice Quote

Both Tom and Scott passed the LGV test at the first attempt and have shown a commitment and willingness to learn.

Glynn Cox is a Depot Operations Supervisor for the Certas Energy Coleshill depot.  This is where our apprentices Tom Pegg and Scott Nelson are based.  We catch up with Glynn to find out how having driver apprentices at this busy depot has added to the team.

“The apprenticeship scheme has been hugely successful for us here at our Coleshill site.  We have 2 apprentices, Tom Pegg, who has just passed his final assessment and Scott Nelson who is currently completing his apprenticeship.  He is now driving solo and is still studying and learning on the job as he goes.

Under normal circumstances a new trainee would be expected to learn the role in a few weeks.  The role is very involved and quite complex these days with on truck computers and digital meters, not to mention the raft of rules, regulations and health & safety restrictions which drivers have to learn. Then there are various mandatory course to pass.

All of this can be very stressful for a rookie driver but the apprenticeship scheme allows us to spread the learning over at least a 12 month period. This is massively beneficial for us as we can nurture the driver slowly but surely through the process, making sure that the knowledge gained can be monitored and tested.

The 2 apprentices here at Coleshill have both risen to the challenge of the scheme despite the training being slowed considerably with the Covid restrictions in the last 12 months.

Our newest apprentice Scott Nelson’s excitement is tangible; he has commented that he loves being at work and is obviously enjoying the experience of learning. Both Tom and Scott passed the LGV test at the first attempt and have shown a commitment and willingness to learn. I think they have both appreciated the opportunity that this role offers and it has been a pleasure to see them progress over the last 18 moths or so.

Personally, I sincerely hope that we can take on more apprentices in the near future as I feel this is the way forward for introducing young drivers into the business.

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