Kyle Cooper – Driver

Kyle Cooper is a Driver Apprentice, he has talks about his role, since passing his HGV test in March just as the pandemic hit.

“Since last year’s National Apprenticeship Week, I am driving on my own and I have completed and passed my apprenticeship.

I passed my HGV license test in March 2020. The same as everyone else, the pandemic came as a real shock to me. I wasn’t sure how the pandemic would affect work, but I soon realised that it got a lot busier in March and April. I did have the opportunity to do some in-cab training, during those months, but I was on furlough May, so my training was put on hold.

When I returned to work in June 2020 I was signed off to drive on my own. COVID-19 hasn’t really affected my day-to-day job apart from interacting with colleagues and customers by keeping to the social distancing measures.

I have really enjoyed working independently and have now adapted to being on my own and managing my workloads.

In January 2021, I took my End Point Assessment and passed my apprenticeship. I feel a great sense of achievement in what I have accomplished in the last year.

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