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A message from Certas Energy to our customers about the UK HGV driver shortage

While the UK faces an increased demand for fuel during the ongoing HGV driver shortage, Certas Energy would like to assure all our business customers of the continued strength and reliability of our fuel distribution network and supply. Certas Energy faces no shortage of product and we are able to fulfil all orders, however customer demand has increased significantly which has led to some delays in delivery lead times. Therefore, for the moment, we encourage our commercial customers to place an order only when facing a genuine need to ensure their essential fuel is delivered as soon as possible.

Right now, displaying the resilience we have maintained throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Certas Energy is working hard to get orders to our loyal customers. We continue to deploy over 900 fuel tankers across a network of over 130 depots. In addition, our network of specialised HGV refuelling locations are not open to the public and therefore are not subject to consumer queues or closures.

As the UK’s largest fuel distributor, we keep our customers across industries moving, always, with the fuels they rely on and the cleaner-burning alternatives they need to support future growth. With a growing network of HGV refuelling sites, strategically placed across the UK, Certas Energy has the capacity to fill over 3,000 trucks per day. A list of these locations is available here.

If you have any questions on the current national situation, or any additional enquiries about Certas Energy products and services, do not hesitate to get in touch with your local Certas Energy representative for personalised advice.

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