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Accelerating sustainable fleet transition: Certas Energy’s successful depot trial of HVO paves the way for a low carbon future

Certas Energy has exceeded its 2025 carbon reduction target ahead of schedule, after its sustainable fleet transition to renewable fuel Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) proved extremely successful. 

Certas Energy launched an initial trial of HVO in its fleets from depots in Immingham and Ellesmere Port in 2021 – with some vehicles starting with a 10% blend and then moving to 100% HVO. The fuel was adopted at a total of five hub depots a year later. 

Made from 100% vegetable oils and fats, HVO can lower business’ fuel-related greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% instantly, without any engine modifications. 

Switching from diesel to HVO has delivered impressive and immediate carbon savings, delivering a saving of 6,433 tonnes of CO₂ after just two years. This move helped Certas Energy achieve a 24% Scope 1 emissions reduction in FY22 – surpassing its 2025 target of 20%, three years ahead of time. 

Certas Energy now expects to transition to using over four million litres of renewable HVO fuel, annually, with 20% of its suitable fleet switching to HVO in the run up to 2025.  

Operations Director, Emma Wordsworth, outlined why the HVO trial is so important to Certas Energy’s journey towards a low carbon future.

“As a transitional fuel, HVO offers a practical, easy to implement way to reduce CO₂ from our operations immediately whilst we explore longer-term clean energy alternatives for our fleet and operations,” she said. 

“The trial has allowed us to review how HVO performs across our fleet and the results were remarkable – even with a limited number of vehicles. It’s evident that introducing HVO will be transformational in reducing our vehicles’ carbon emissions, and fast. It’s a great way to demonstrate the benefits of HVO to our customers too.” 

With the HVO trial success under its belt and the 2025 target already achieved, Certas Energy is confidently working towards the next milestone of a 50% reduction target by 2030. The HVO rollout across the Certas Energy fleet is just one of many decarbonisation initiatives the company is implementing. EV company cars, driver efficiency training and a fleet upgrade are also in the pipeline to further boost the company’s CO₂ savings. 

Transitioning to HVO, your way

As decarbonisation deadlines loom, a shift towards sustainable energy solutions is inevitable for many commercial fuel users across the UK. But navigating the new energy mix and committing to switching to alternative fuels can seem like a big commitment.

That’s why Certas Energy offers customers flexible fuelling options for HVO.

Customers can now make a seamless and gradual energy transition by purchasing HVO in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). This is an ideal introduction to HVO, providing a convenient way for customers to trial the alternative fuel before making the full switch. There are many benefits of using IBCs, such as being easily transportable, easy to handle and helping reduce product waste. Furthermore, all Certas Energy’s IBCs are reused rather than new, and the company operates a collect and recycle service – helping businesses to accelerate their environmental objectives even further.

It doesn’t stop there. Certas Energy also offers a split delivery option. HVO can be supplied to businesses in intervals, helping to offset any concerns around 100% switching to the fuel and the price implications. As HVO is fully interchangeable with DERV and the two fuels can be blended at any percentage, split delivery is a risk-free, cost-effective way for businesses to take incremental but important steps toward their carbon reduction goals.

The drop-in renewable fuel is also available at selected Certas Energy refuelling sites, making Certas Energy the first in the UK to offer HVO fuel to HGV fuel card users at the pump.

Certas Energy is determined to make smart, sustainable changes for a brighter and cleaner future, leading by example and inspiring customers to accelerate their own their journey to net zero.

To discover more about HVO and the benefits it can bring to your business, get in touch today.

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