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Additives To Keep Your Fleet Moving

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Additives are essential for transport companies looking to get added value out of their fuel. Designed to improve fuel quality, additives can help to enhance engine performance, prolong windows between maintenance and boost fuel efficiency.

So, if you’re looking for additives to reduce running or maintenance costs, we’ve got you covered.

What's Your Number?

Is your lorry pumping out black smoke on acceleration? How about bluish-white smoke when idling? Does it sound a little louder than usual? Are you having trouble when it comes to cold starts? If you answered yes to any of the above, the cetane number of your diesel may be too low. Cetane number ranks the ignition quality of diesel. The higher it is, the better a fuel will combust in an engine. A lower cetane number means that fuel will burn more slowly, potentially leading to performance issues.

Cetane Improver additive does what it says on the tin. Introducing this additive directly to a vehicle or a bulk fuel tank improves the ignition quality of your fuel to deliver a number of benefits. These can include a shortened ignition delay, improved cold start performance and quieter engine noise.

Keep It Clean

Running low mileage jobs in urban areas can cause a build-up of soot on a vehicle’s diesel particulate filter (DPF), an essential part of the emissions control system. Where DPFs in vehicles operating on higher mileages passively ‘regenerate’ over time – burning off the soot on the filter automatically – the exhaust in a vehicle operating a stop-start pattern over shorter distances may not have the opportunity to become hot enough to do so.

The accumulation of soot on DPF can lead to reduced engine performance and higher fuel consumption until a forced regen is performed, taking vehicles off the road and wasting valuable time and fuel. It’s here that SmartDrive diesel additive can help.

SmartDrive is a cleaning additive that includes a fuel-borne catalyst to promote DPF regeneration. It works by lowering the temperature at which the soot particles blocking the filters will burn. More cost-effective than forced DPF regeneration, SmartDrive also provides enhanced combustion and injector cleaning.

R-Oil Flush

Vehicle sumps and oil galleries often suffer from heavy oil or deposit build ups that can shorten oil life, restrict the flow of lubricants and impact engine performance. So, it’s important to clean an engine’s crankcase regularly – and there’s no better time to do this than during a routine oil change.

Crankcase Flush additive is designed to optimise crankcase cleaning and to facilitate oil drainage prior to an oil change. Once added to a warm engine sump, the additive breaks down heavy deposits so that these can drain away once the oil is changed. Its formulation is compatible with engine materials and seals, and one litre of product can treat 30 litres of lube oil.

As the UK’s largest independent fuel supplier operating a fleet of 900 tankers, we understand the importance of fuel quality for transport operators. Additives supplied by Certas Energy do not change fuel specification and therefore do not affect manufacturer warranties.

Crankcase Flush, SmartDrive and Cetane Improver are only a select few of the wide range of additives we supply – all available in volumes up to 1,000 litres.

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