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Ask the Expert: Preventing fuel theft and increasing site security

Supply chain issues, perceived shortages, legislation changes and price increases are all contributing to the recent rise in fuel theft affecting many industries across the UK. The changes to red diesel duty have also increased the appeal of fuel to opportunistic criminals. As a result of the reformed regulations, many businesses are no longer eligible to use rebated fuel – meaning more sites are now storing larger volumes of undyed, higher-priced road diesel (DERV).
So, how can you reduce the risk of fuel theft? Certas Energy expert and Head of Heating Services, Leigh Claridge, answers customer questions on how to keep their fuel safe.

What’s the most important step for keeping fuel safe and secure?

Fuel is only as secure as the tank it’s stored in, so it’s crucial to choose the right tank for the job. It’s worth looking for storage solutions that include features designed to prevent theft, such as a lock or a key fob. It’s also vital that the tank is compliant with all the relevant regulations, as this greatly reduces the risk of spills, leaks or environmental damage. Additionally, you should consider whether your fuel needs to be transportable, for ad-hoc power generation, or if it should be kept in a fixed, more secure position. Alongside standing tanks of various sizes, some Certas Energy fuel tanks are designed specifically with portability in mind, offering you flexibility.

How do you choose the right fuel security solution for your business?

It isn’t a one-size-fits-all process, and the right solution depends on individual needs. For example, a farm or construction site may need tanks located in multiple places for ease and convenience, but a haulage business may prioritise fast and easy re-fuelling from a fixed base location. It can be difficult to determine what you need when fuel is just one of the things you manage daily. However, we can help you find a tailored fuel security solution that fits with your business’ current – and changing – needs.

What else can businesses do to enhance the security of their fuel?

The best way to keep your fuel secure is to make your site secure. Restricting access and installing adequate lighting, CCTV and alarm systems, or even employing security services, can help to enhance your site security and protect your fuel stores. It’s also useful to keep an eye on fuel usage and in-tank storage levels, which can be remotely monitored with a tank telemetry system. This enables you to monitor and keep a real-time track of fuel levels for up to five tanks on one site.

What are the safety and security benefits of a tank telemetry system?

The ultimate benefit of a tank telemetry system is complete peace of mind. Certas Energy’s FuelWise system offers convenience with real-time visibility through a customised app. Instant alerts are sent to your phone in the event of any sudden drop in fuel levels, which could indicate a leak or theft – providing you with maximum notice to respond. Having a digital platform also reduces the need for manual fuel level checks, which in turn can minimise the additional risk of the need to work at height; all with the added bonus to help free up your time to focus on your main business operations.

Protecting your assets, the right way

Fuel security is fast-becoming a business priority for every diesel-dependent sector. For expert and bespoke advice on how to keep your fuel safe and secure, get in touch today.

Defend your fuel

Diesel Defender is an easy-to-implement solution that can help to deter fuel theft of non-rebated fuel and prevent financial loss. The liquid blue marker dye colours white diesel, also known as road diesel or DERV, to produce a green fuel, making it distinguishable from diesel purchased for personal use. It acts as a powerful deterrent to thieves as it improves fuel traceability, impacts resale value, and exposes non-commercial use. 

Do you operate a fleet? Help keep your drivers and fuel safe and secure on the road by visiting our blog.

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