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The A-Z guide to fuelling your farm this Spring

Every day is a busy day for farmers, but Spring is a pivotal time to take stock and sow the seeds for a successful year ahead.

As your to-do list grows, it’s essential that you have everything you need to keep you and your farm moving. To help you spring into action, we have compiled a handy a A-Z guide to the fuel-related products you should prioritise this season.


Reduce fuel emissions and meet Euro V and VI emission standards with AdBlue.
With farmland accounting for 71 per cent of UK land, farmers have a responsibility to protect the environment for future generations to come.
AdBlue is proven to be a leading solution for reducing the harmful emissions from diesel engines that contribute to local air pollution.
If your machinery’s engines are fitted with SCR catalysts, using AdBlue can help reduce Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions, meeting the standards for Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines, while also lowering engine operating costs.


Minimise maintenance and replacement costs with additives.
With a busy timetable to adhere to, you need your machinery to run smoothly, reliably and efficiently.
Our range of additives allows you to care for your machinery more effectively, helping reduce the cost of maintaining and replacing parts, as well as improving fuel performance and limiting waste.
We offer a range of additives, including gas oil conditioner, anti-bug kill, anti-wax, fuel store plus, diesel power restorer.


High-performing fuels and cleaner burning, drop-in options, such as GTL Fuel and HVO.
The agricultural industry has traditionally been fuelled by tractor oil (red diesel) but with the red diesel reform changes coming into place in Spring, other liquid fuels are being added to the energy mix.

For the most part, the agricultural industry will not be affected by red diesel duty equalisation, but accepted use of tractor diesel has become more restricted, and there are exceptions. Therefore, you will need to consider alternatives for non-permitted uses, such as DERV/white diesel.

And with the UK’s journey to Net Zero 2050 well underway, you can also use this time to start your road to zero transition with cleaner-burning options.

A drop-in, cleaner-burning alternative to diesel that can be used in on and off-road machinery and equipment, benefits include:
• non-toxic, biodegradable and less harmful to the environment
• no engine or infrastructure modifications needed
• approved by John Deere
• winter grade
• FAME-free
• minimised risk of waxing
• long shelf life
• reduced noise pollution

A drop-in diesel alternative made from vegetable fats and oils. Benefits include:
• instant reduction of emissions
• no engine or infrastructure modifications needed
• FAME, sulphur and fossil free
• cleaner burning
• long shelf life
Dependent on application, fuel duty may currently apply to both HVO and Shell Fuel GTL.

Fuel Monitoring

Keep fuel secure with fuel monitoring solutions, including tank locks and telemetry technology. 
Fuel theft is an increasing risk for farmers and as you fill up your tanks ready for the Spring season, this valuable commodity becomes an even more attractive target.
Tank locks and tank monitoring technologies can help keep your fuel safe and secure. Our wirelessly-fitted telemetry system FuelWise enables real-time remote fuel monitoring, with automatic alerts triggered when unusual fuel usage is detected, such as a sudden drop in levels indicating theft or a leak. Manual reorders can be made via the FuelWise app, or automatic top-ups set-up, so you never run out of fuel.


Explore cost effective, compliant drop-in alternatives to gas oil, Kerosene and Therma35.
With temperatures often in the single digits in Spring, heating oil is still a priority product for many farmers.
Kerosene and Therma35 are cost-effective, compliant heating solutions which are cheaper alternatives to conventional gas oil. Suitable for use in commercial boilers, dryers and heaters, both heating oils are drop-in replacements so there’s no need to drain the tank before switching. Both Therma35 and kerosene are currently unaffected by the duty equalisation changes and will continue to attract the same rebate as before.


Protect your equipment and maximise lifespan with lubricants.
Farmers work around the clock – and so does their machinery. Lubricants are an essential element in keeping you and your machinery moving, reducing wear and tear, ensuring optimum output and lifespan and minimising costly downtime.

Approved by many agricultural OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) including Massey Ferguson, Case, New Holland, John Deere and Fendt, we supply lubricants from leading brands to ensure you have access to a range of high-quality products to suit all your farm’s machinery needs.
Get your machinery Spring ready by stocking up on lubricants such as universal tractor oils, hydraulic oils, transmission fluids, heavy duty diesel engine oils, milking machine oils, chainsaw oils, and screen wash.


Stay compliant with safety and duty regulations with tank solutions range.
Farmers who fail to follow DEFRA guidance on safe storage of agriculture fuel oil run the risk of prosecution and significant fines. Following the long winter, now is the time to check that your tank is free from cracks and leaks to prevent contamination, pollution or costly spills. Delivery drivers have an obligation to refuse to fill up a storage tank if it is deemed to be unsafe for refuelling, leading to longer wait times for fuel. This unexpected downtime could hamper productivity at a critical time in the farming calendar.

With the red diesel changes coming into force, you may also need additional tanks to ensure rebated and non-rebated fuel stories are kept separate and compliant.

With 110% integrally bunded tanks designed to meet or exceed local environmental guidelines, fuel storage standards and manufacturing regulations, we can advise on the tank solutions best suited to your needs, for this Spring season and beyond.

As the UK’s largest distributor of fuel, lubricants and related services, you can rely on us to fulfil all your farm fuel needs, season after season, come rain or shine. Talk to Certas Energy for more information.

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