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Certas Energy awarded 4 stars by fleet energy efficiency scheme The ECO Stars

Certas Energy has been awarded 4 stars by The ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme for its dedication and drive to be an environmentally-responsible fleet operator.

The ECO Stars scheme rates members for their operational and environmental performance and offers ways to further improve fuel efficiency and air quality. Following assessment of its 143-strong mixed fleet in Scotland, which includes HGVs, Certas Energy was awarded an overall operational rating of 4 stars – the highest achievement for a new member with diesel-powered vehicles.

Certas Energy was commended for putting environmental considerations ‘at the heart of business practices’, as well as its ‘excellent knowledge’ of fuel performance, close monitoring of fuel consumption and technology deployment to monitor vehicle efficiency.

Niki Holt, Head of Commercial, said: “It is fantastic that our efforts have been recognised by the industry and our high rating reflects our unwavering commitment to a cleaner future.

“As the largest distributor of fuel, lubricants and related services in the UK, we are acutely aware of the pivotal role of effective fuel management in reducing the environmental footprint of commercial businesses.

“We believe in leading by example, launching numerous initiatives and measures to cut emissions and improve the fuel efficiency of our own fleet, including our Fuel Champion scheme, Driver Training Academy, and telematics systems for optimal driver and vehicle performance. We are also in the process of a phased adoption of low carbon diesel alternative Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) across our fleet – which cuts up to 90 per cent of CO2 emissions and helps us to reduce carbon footprint instantly.

“This is a great achievement and we will continue to strive for best industry practice and be a beacon to our customers looking to successfully transition to a lower emissions future.”

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