Certas Energy statement around contingency plans for supply post-Brexit

Updated: 22 December 2020

As the UK’s largest fuel distributor, Certas Energy is taking a range of precautionary steps to ensure continuity of supply for all possible Brexit scenarios when the transition period comes to an end on 31st December 2020.

We note that the government is asking UK businesses to ready themselves for the possibility of leaving the European Union without a free trade agreement. We have seen the commentary suggesting this is not the best outcome for the UK. Whether or not this is the case, we are fully prepared for this eventuality and the business is sufficiently robust to handle even the worst predictions, should they materialise.

We already have a highly resilient national supply chain incorporating contracts and lifting arrangements with virtually all the major refineries and importers across the UK.
We are proactively working with all our suppliers to assess their resilience plans and whether there are any additional steps that can be taken to mitigate the potential impact of the end of the transition period. This includes planning for the possibility of the UK leaving the EU without a new free trade deal, which is widely acknowledged as the most challenging potential scenario for the economy.

Suppliers are finalising their contingency plans and completing risk assessments on traffic management around port areas and refineries. Refiners have informed Certas Energy they are confident of maintaining current demand levels under any scenario.
In addition, we are working closely with UKPIA and its members to understand any short to medium term industry challenges that could arise from leaving the EU without a trade deal in December.

As the UK’s only truly national fuel distributor, we have the widest possible options available to us in terms of lifting product from alternative locations nearby if there are any specific issues with one supply point. Our precautionary planning seeks to ensure continuity of supply to all our customers across the UK for all possible scenarios.

We also continue to monitor the evolving situation closely and are in daily liaison with the relevant organisations and authorities to assess new developments and amend our plans as appropriate.

Please direct any additional or specific queries to our  Director of Corporate Affairs, Angus Blundell– Angus.Blundell@certasenergy.co.uk

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