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Fuelling Isle of Wight

Fuelling the Isle of Wight

Boasting over 50 years of refuelling heritage, the Certas Energy East Cowes office is proud to serve homes and businesses in the tight-knit Isle of Wight community with supply of road diesel, red diesel, kerosene, and industrial and home heating oil.

In this spotlight feature, we take a closer look at the team, the unique challenges of serving homes and businesses on the Island, and the hidden royal history of our East Cowes office.

Island born and bred

Comprising mainly born and bred Islanders, the members of our East Cowes team have over 60 years’ of combined experience of supplying fuel on the Island. Based out of the old Osborne Stable Block, the team has an in-depth understanding of what’s needed to keep the local community moving.

Describing one of the best things about working with customers on the Isle of Wight, Vickie Hyde – who has worked as Business Development Manager at the East Cowes office since 2012 – said: “Being part of the community. Islanders are one big family, and – having grown up on the Island – there’s nothing better than knowing you’re helping local businesses and playing a part in warming the homes of friends and family.”

From Vectis Oils to Certas Energy

Before moving to the Certas Energy brand in 2014, the team operated as Vectis Oils – which started delivering fuel on the Isle of Wight in 1969. The Vectis Oils brand is near and dear to Business Development Manager Vickie Hyde, having been set up by her father Peter Grannum in partnership with Brian Mills and Stephen Harwood of Harwoods Garage over 50 years ago.

Vickie commented “Vectis Oils originally operated from a wet depot on Artic Road in Cowes before moving to Harwoods Garage in Wooton and later to the Osborne Stable Block, in the same office that the Certas Energy team is based today. I began working for Vectis Oils at the tender age of 18, and together with our tanker drivers Cliff and Simon have worked to fuel the island for over 37 years.”

With such a strong fuel supply pedigree, we are a reliable local team to keep the Isle of Wight moving!

Fuelling the Diamond Isle

Our commitment to reliable deliveries across the Island is backed by the strong supply infrastructure and buying power that comes with being the UK’s leading independent fuel distributor.

What’s more, close relationships with local ferry companies such as Red Funnel and White Link mean our East Cowes office has the capacity to reliably service the fuel needs of the Isle of Wight.

A fleet of three tankers operates from the East Cowes office and with the majority of the island being off-grid, access can sometimes be an issue for some fuel suppliers. Certas Energy’s fleet of four-wheel baby tankers enable our East Cowes team to zip around narrow roads with ease, delivering fuel on-time wherever our customers are.

A royal history

The Osborne Stable Block – where our East Cowes office is based – is a Grade II listed building with a rich history. It was built on the old cricket ground of Osborne House, which was the private home of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert for over half a century!

After being used for a range of purposes in the early 20th century, the Stable Block fell into disrepair in the Eighties and became semi-derelict until 1999, when Crown Estates agreed that the land could be transformed into a small business park – on the condition that the Stable Block buildings were returned to a good state of repair.

Since then, many of the buildings have been restored, and we’re proud to have our Isle of Wight team serving the community from this historic location.

Get in touch

Offering flexible payment terms, competitive rates and a wide range of fuel supply options, our East Cowes office plays an important role in keeping the Island moving with assured fuel supply to homes and businesses.

If you’re looking for reliable fuel deliveries on the Isle of Wight, our East Cowes team has you covered. Get in touch today to find out more about our competitive, responsive local service that ensures you never run out of fuel. 

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