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Princess Yachts set sail with cleaner diesel alternative fuel from Certas Energy

Princess Motor Yacht Sales, worldwide distributor of luxury yacht brand, Princess, fuelled a low emission journey home from the London Boat Show, taking their first delivery of a cleaner burning alternative to diesel, GTL from Certas Energy.  

As a UK provider of GTL Fuel, Certas Energy fuelled the luxury Princess 43, Princess 55 and Princess 65 yachts before they sailed back to Swanwick. The Princess 65 yacht, which is valued at £2.4 million, is powered by a Twin MAN engine and Certas Energy fuelled the three vessels with a total of around 10,000 litres of GTL.

Princess Yachts has shown its commitment to the marine environment, through being the first luxury yacht manufacturer to sign up to the Marine Conservation Society, helping the charity to support and sustain marine environments for future generations. Commercial and Technical Manager at Princess Motor Yacht Sales, Paul Bailey, commented on the decision to set sail from London using GTL Fuel:

“Certas Energy regularly fuel our yachts for our journey home from the London Boat Show so when we heard about the availability of GTL Fuel we were very keen to trial it. Protecting the marine environment is an important priority for Princess Yachts and by working with Certas Energy we’ve been able to enjoy the environmental benefits of the fuel and we hope to continue to use it in the future.”

GTL Fuel is a cleaner burning alternative to diesel and Certas Energy is pleased to be offering an immediate solution for marine businesses looking to reduce their emissions, without the need for any engine modifications or change to operational maintenance.

Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) fuel is part of the paraffinic family of fuels which have improved combustion properties inside standard diesel engines, helping to reduce emissions of air pollutants. Trials have shown that GTL Fuel can reduce NOx emissions by up to 37%, and PM by up to 90% compared to conventional diesel. Paraffinic fuels are also free of unwanted components such as sulphur, metals, and aromatics, making them non-toxic and less harmful to the environment.

The reduction in emissions not only has environmental benefits but will also make for a more pleasant on-board journey for passengers on marine vessels powered by GTL, as there is no odour. As a drop-in fuel, it’s easy to make the switch from diesel with no need for engine modifications. With a more uniform combustion GTL Fuel can also reduce noise levels in some engines and is proven to be readily biodegradable – both significant benefits for marine applications.

Certas Energy is continuing to expand its national supply network of GTL Fuel which will be available from its Thames depot from April this year. To find out more about the benefits of GTL Fuel please click here or contact us via 0345 600 4040

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