Ready to Go Solar? Solar PV with Evolo from Certas Energy and the Improving Farm Productivity Grant

With rising energy costs and a push for sustainability, the agricultural sector is increasingly turning towards renewable energy solutions such as solar to mitigate these challenges.

The Improving Farm Productivity grant (round 2) presents a fantastic opportunity to overcome the initial financial hurdles of solar installation. This initiative is designed to help support farmers, notably in adopting solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. With the window for Round 2 applications closing on March 21, the time to assess your eligibility is now.

The good news is that Certas Energy services are evolving. With our new renewable energy division Evolo – specialists in smart solar solutions – we can now offer solar PV installation to farming businesses like yours.

Understanding the Improving Farm Productivity Grant

Offered by the government to farms and horticulturists in England only, this grant aims to elevate productivity through financial support for substantial capital investments, covering:

  • Solar PV systems.
  • Automated equipment for enhanced crop and livestock management.
  • Specific LED lighting tailored for horticulture.
  • Cutting-edge ventilation technology.

Round 2 enables applicants to cover up to 25% of solar PV costs, offering funding from £15,000 to £100,000. The application has two critical stages, with a March 21, 2024 deadline. It’s a selective process, requiring an initial eligibility assessment in stage one, followed by a detailed application in stage two.

Evolo from Certas Energy can help streamline this process for you. Our Renewable Energy Division is committed to propelling your solar transition forward through either a remote consultation or an on-site survey.

Click here for further information and to book a call with a specialist.

Why Choose Solar PV with Evolo from Certas Energy?

Solar PV systems optimize unused space, champion energy autonomy, and help contribute to reducing carbon emissions. Evolo from Certas Energy empowers farmers to leverage our network within the solar industry, ensuring cost-effective solutions and environmental stewardship.

Explore how the Improving Farm Productivity grant can revolutionize your agricultural practices by choosing solar with Evolo from Certas Energy.

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