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Russia / Ukraine – Government Sanctions Statement – update 10th March 2022

Issued: Thursday 10 March 2022 – 1.30pm

Certas Energy is the largest distributor of liquid fuels in the UK with a robust national supply chain through our supply partners. We have contractual supply agreements with virtually all major refineries and importers across the UK and all these suppliers are operating in accordance with UK government guidelines and sanctions.

Current government guidance to UK ports is that no access should be given to any vessel that has Russian connections, i.e.;

• Owned, controlled, chartered, or operated by any person connected with Russia
• Owned, controlled, chartered, or operated by Designated Persons
• Flying the Russian flag
• Registered in Russia

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and resulting sanctions are inevitably causing disruption to the global supply chain as well as impacting normal operations. We, and indeed the whole industry are working to mitigate the impact wherever possible. Our customers can however be reassured that we have a robust business continuity mechanism in place, enabling us to consider alternative supply sources as well as to prioritise deliveries appropriately when needed.

Certas Energy remains in continual and open dialogue with customers, suppliers, the fuel trade association and government departments to contribute and respond to the evolving situation, working together to identify solutions and to minimise disruption.

Please contact your Account Manager if you have any further queries.

Angus Blundell
Director of Corporate Affairs

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