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Safe and secure storage on site

From dealing with cracks and leaks in tanks to monitoring fuel and lubricant levels and preventing contamination, there are multiple considerations that need to be taken into account to ensure the safe and secure storage of fuel and lubricants on a busy construction site.

You depend on your tanks to provide a reliable supply and protect your investment in this valuable commodity but what happens when your tanks lets you down?

Tanks are an expensive piece of kit and they require ongoing maintenance to ensure that they are compliant with regulations. Without regular maintenance of the tank and the area surrounding it, you run the risk of costly spills and leaks. If a tank is deemed to be unsafe for refueling, most delivery drivers will refuse to fill it up, which can impact productivity.

Price is often the first consideration when looking to invest in a new tank but often what’s not taken into account is all the health and safety and environmental considerations surrounding choosing the right storage solution.

Safe and secure storage

There are a number of measures that can be put in place to keep a closer eye on a site’s fuel and lubricant. Telemetry systems provide alerts for any sudden drops in volume which could indicate a spillage or theft. Automatic top ups can also be triggered to ensure you never run out. It’s also wise to invest in locks to keep your tank secure.

There are a range of tanks available on the market, from high-end bunded commercial tanks to durable dispensing tanks. But choosing the right type and capacity can be confusing. We offer a variety of plastic and stainless steel tanks options, ranging from 1,225 to 62,000 litres to suit your requirements, that can accommodate bulk and specialist fuels, lubricants and AdBlue®. Our tanks are available as supply only or can be delivered, installed and maintained by our team, taking the stress out of the process and providing peace of mind for uninterrupted supplies of fuels, lubricants and AdBlue®.

Another key challenge for construction companies when it comes to managing fuel and lubricant is the ability to transport fuel supply across congested sites or even between different sites. Our transportable storage tanks makes it safer and easier to transport fuel so you can be confident your site can keep moving.

Health and safety is at the heart of everything we do at Certas Energy and our Safety F1rst initiative demonstrates our commitment to supporting our customers in the safe handling and storage of fuel and lubricants and preventing spills and leaks. Rather than just acting as a fuel and lubricant supplier, we pride ourselves on providing full management solutions to support safer, smarter fuel and lubricant handling and storage on construction sites across the UK.

Investing in tanks is expensive so we offer a range of flexible payment options including leasing tanks on a weekly or 2 to 5 year agreement giving you peace of mind that your tank is always safe, functional and fully compliant.

To find out more about our range of fuel storage solutions for the construction industry, visit us at UK Construction Week on stand E120.

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