How to Choose an Energy Provider

With prices increasing, choosing the right energy provider is vital in ensuring you keep your monthly bills low. Though energy prices are obviously an important factor when it comes to choosing your energy provider, it’s critical for you to consider a range of other things to determine their suitability. 

Unlike electricity and gas energy, heating oil requires the physical delivery of fuel to your home. Therefore when choosing a heating oil provider, such factors as reliability and payment options should play a huge part in your choice. 

Read on to discover more about what to look for when switching energy suppliers.

What to Consider When Switching Suppliers

What Type of Energy Do You Require? 

The first and most important thing to be aware of when switching energy companies is knowing what energy you need to fuel your home. Your home may use a mixture of gas and electricity or just one fuel such as heating oil, find out before contacting suppliers.

When choosing your heating oil provider, it’s good to know what fuel type they have to offer. Kerosene heating oil is typically the most common fuel used to heat homes. With the price of kerosene fluctuating regularly, it’s a good idea to buy in bulk when the price is low and store it safely in your oil tank for future use. 

Heating oil providers typically have two options available when it comes to kerosene, standard and premium. Read our guide to discover which type of kerosene is best for you. 

Boiler and Oil Tank Maintenance

When your home is heated off-grid, it’s important to ensure that both your boiler and oil tank are in top condition and can maintain a constant supply of energy to your home. With regular maintenance checks, you decrease the chances of a fuel outage. 

It’s a good idea to get your boiler serviced regularly to ensure that your tank is in good working order. At Certas Energy, we only work with OFTEC-registered engineers who know the ins and outs of all of your boiler troubles. Learn more about our boiler care packages in our guide.    

Does the Energy Supplier Offer a Smart Meter?

Having awareness of your energy usage can play a huge part in helping you budget and control your heating oil prices. With a smart meter, you take control and have a complete awareness of your energy consumption. 

With the Certas Energy FoxRadar heating oil monitor, you can keep an eye on your oil levels no matter where you are. After a simple installation, you can view your oil levels from the handy smartphone app. Opt to receive updates when your fuel is running low and never worry about running out.

What Heating Oil Delivery Options Do Suppliers Offer? 

If you’re one of many off-grid homes in remote, difficult-to-access locations around the UK, you may be wondering where you can buy home heating oil. Finding reliable home heating oil providers near you that can deliver on a regular basis shouldn’t be a chore. 

Particularly during the colder winter months, it’s critical that your fuel provider is reliable and able to provide you with a consistent supply of fuel to heat your home. Certas Energy’s extensive coverage of the UK ensures that we’ll be on hand to provide you with fuel wherever you’re located.

What Payment Options Are Available? 

When it comes to paying your energy bills, it’s nice to have the option to choose the way you pay. Consider how you find it easiest to pay and see if this is something your potential provider can offer. 

Would you prefer to take the hassle out of paying for your fuel? Paying by direct debit could be the option for you. With direct debit, your fuel provider will give an estimate each month for the fuel they anticipate you will use and charge you accordingly. If you prefer buying heating oil in small amounts for as and when you require it, pay-as-you-go is the best option for you. 

If you like to keep an eye on your energy tariffs, it’s important to ensure that your provider has online accounts available where you can view all of your bills in one place. Take a look at all of the ways to pay for your fuel with Certas. 

Why Choose Certas Energy? 

With over 20 years of experience delivering heating oil from door to door, Certas is the UK’s largest and most trusted heating supplier. No matter which corner of the country you may find yourself in, you can rely on one of Certas’ 2500-strong delivery team to get your fuel to you. Read more about the high-quality service Certas provides.

Simply contact us today and speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives who are on hand to help you make a stress-free switch to Certas Energy. 

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