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Committed to…efficiency and improving energy management

Certas Energy is ISO50001 and ISO 14001 certified with many initiatives implemented to reduce CO2 emissions, save energy and waste recycling, including

Improving routing efficiency
Vehicles are fitted with Blue Tree tracking, providing improved data for more efficient routing.

Reducing emissions by 30% plus
Our drivers are trained in safe and efficient driving techniques, reducing engine idle time and harsh breaking – both are monitored by the Blue Tree system. Since 2010, our CO2 emissions/litre of fuel delivered have reduced by over 30%. We have an annual goal of a 2% reduction in fuel used per km driven.

Energy saving across the business
Voltage reduction is being trialled with a system called Fluoresave, which reduces voltage of lighting systems by up to 15%.

Recycling, reprocessing or reusing 90% of our waste
National contracts for non-hazardous and hazardous waste are in place and have successfully increased our recycling rates, and we divert over 93% of our waste from landfill disposal.

Reducing our customer’s carbon footprint too
Offering and advising on a range of alternative products that present lower air pollution and CO2 emissions than standard options, we strive to assist our customers in reducing their carbon footprint.

Committed to… our customers and communities 
Committed to being a responsible business, we monitor closely the effect our work has on local communities and the workplace.

Successfully completing Business in the Community’s Responsible Business Check Up, Certas Energy was audited across the key areas of community, colleagues, suppliers, products and services and environment, scoring above average terms of corporate responsibility. Headed by the Managing Director and the Commercial Board, a dedicated Culture and Corporate Responsibility Steering Group is now in place.

Taking a proactive, strategic approach, its mission is to prioritise and action vital impact areas to improve our CSR impact.

Key initiatives already introduced include:

  • Partnering with The Oliver King Foundation
  • Launching a Customer Charter
  • Launching a bursary scheme open to local community projects
  • Achieving International Safety Rating System (ISRS) level 4 with a view to becoming fully ISO9011 accredited
  • Being awarded The Carbon Trust Standard in 2011/2012
  • Implementing a waste recycling programme

Committed to… our people as well as our customers

Investing heavily in our people through continuous improvement of wellbeing and satisfaction is also important to us and makes sure our whole team moves forward together.

We create national and local job opportunities as part of our recruitment strategy, engaging with job centres, attending regional job fairs and working with colleges and universities means national and local level career opportunities are always being promoted.

Some of our employee initiatives include:

  • Staff learning and development
  • Added benefits and incentives
  • Safe, fair work environment
  • Open and honest culture

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